Crazy Busy

On This Saturday

On this Saturday I have:

  • fed dogs and cats
  • put items Baby cat peed on to soak in Nature’s Miracle
  • eaten oatmeal for breakfast
  • contemplated my sermon

On this Saturday I do:

  • await the arrival of the Domestic Goddess
  • anticipate the Spring Break homecoming of #1 Son
  • prepare for the visit of Dos and her parents, the latter flying into Beantown Airport later today
  • consider the meal we will all share later

On this Saturday I must:

  • make a meal happen
  • write a sermon
  • make sure the dogs get exercised
  • entertain guests
  • do a further load of cat pee laundry

On this Saturday I am:

  • still a bit under the weather
  • eager to see #1 Son
  • appreciative of sunshine
  • hoping I can muster enough energy to pull things together
  • worried that my inability to write anything other than bullet lists and haiku may not bode well for tomorrow’s sermon

12 thoughts on “On This Saturday”

  1. I don’t know…the congregtion might appreciate a sermon in bullet points for once….You could put them all up and then invite them to arrange them in a spiritually helpful order perhaps…?

  2. we’re in the same sermon boat – i’m so far behind I’m contemplating an “all hymns” service for tomorrow. The fam leaves for a short vacation in a little while – then just me and the dogs, mountains of laundry, and a blank computer screen (AND three crafting projects and rented DVD’s to tempt me!) Happy Writing!

  3. Our pastor did a hymn sing for one of her sermons. We loved it – lucky people got to yell out their favorite hymns,and we sang one verse of each. I guess if you do that though, your organist has to be a really good sport. Hope you feel better, and I hope you can accomplish what’s on your list. How about take out for dinner? Praying for you!

  4. Hi, it’s the me, as usual with an off-topic comment. Did you get a KITTEN? Is it possible I could have missed that? Or is that pee-er one of the usual suspects?
    Hope you’re having a nice time with teh company.

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