Flu Haikus

Flu makes me cranky
and also makes me sleepy
but keeps me awake

Coughing shakes my body
Something rattles in my chest
how to sleep at night?

There is one answer:
super-sonic couch syrup
left from summer cold

Only problem with it?
Kind of causes hangover
slow start in morning

Star Trek Deep Space Nine
features adorable men
Meaney and Siddig

Star Trek Voyager
was always kind of silly
seems worse in repeats

Alien hunters
dressed up as evil Nazis
worst notion ever

Fluids have been pushed
Gallons of Gatorade poured
over good crushed ice

Tired of being sick
Company on Saturday
Must get better soon

14 thoughts on “Flu Haikus”

  1. I don’t write haiku when I’m feeling well, much less sick as the proverbial puppy….you go girl.

  2. I hope that health is soon your constant companion.
    (If I were clever i would write a haiku, but a session meeting awaits…)

  3. I LOVE this… downright, fever-induced brilliance. Although you forgot the verse about being tired of having to pee every ten minutes because of all the Gatorade you have been drinking.

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