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Bullets of Flu, Day Two

  • After a night of chills, fever and cold pools of sweat, I am less feverish today, but the cough has gotten stronger.
  • I slept intermittently last night, but got a really good nap late this morning.
  • Did you know that Spike TV shows Star Trek: Deep Space Nine? I really, really liked Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  • I can’t believe I’m admitting that.
  • The other shows on Spike TV, and the advertisements, force one to look away.
  • Did you know that Rosie O’Donnell is on some show called The View?
  • I haven’t watched TV in the morning in a long time.
  • Coughing is tiring and tiresome.
  • Some transport of children needs to occur this afternoon, so I have to pull myself together and drive the car.
  • I like the toddy suggestion, but the only alcohol in this house is a dusty bottle of Kahlua.
  • Orange Gatorade is not quite the same thing, is it?
  • No sign of #1 Son…we sent him an e-mail birthday card.

13 thoughts on “Bullets of Flu, Day Two”

  1. Spike TV has 5 hours of Star Trek every afternoon (drool). Job? Who needs a job when Star Trek is on!

  2. Blessings for rest, fluids, and the expulsion of evil virus thingies from your good self. I read somewhere that going through the transporter on Star Trek cured common illnesses, because it was programmed to NOT reanimate viruses…or maybe I just made that up when I was a rabid STNG fan. Regardless…grace and peace…

  3. Voyager is not my favorite, but it’s better than news at this time of day. The only problem is the terrible ads: fighting, police, “enhancement” of some sort.

  4. I cant believe I get to be the first one to pray that the force will be with you. 🙂 Hope you feel better real, real soon.
    Also, in the “you may or may not be able to think about this right now” category – are you reading American Bloomsbury and is it good? I’m loving Miss Alcott’s Email (even though there are no endnotes. Did Thoreau really INVENT colored pencils??)
    Hmm, all this and I’m not even delirious….

  5. Just a gentle correction for juniper: “may the force be with you” is from Star Wars, not Star Trek…they have simiilar titles but they each attract an entirely different set of geeks.
    Star Trek fans have existential arguments over what makes a being sentient.
    Star Wars fans talk about how hot Princess Leia looks in a bikini.
    Nuff said.

  6. Late this afternoon I dipped back into the relationship between those two wannabe-fully-humans, 7 of 9 and The Doctor. I think he was my favorite character on that show.
    It got me wondering also about their gorgeous and well-kept hair. One of the things I’m enjoying about Battlestar Galactica is the appearance of the characters and its change over time (except for Apollo’s fat suit, which I could have lived without, thank you very much).

  7. Daytime television can be a fearsome thing.
    I hope the bug passes quickly, and that you’re back on your feet very soon.

  8. Oh, yeah…
    That was kind of dumb, especially for a former TOTAL Next Generation geek such as myself.
    I think I was trying to say Live Long and Prosper, or something…

  9. Songbird, I love DS9. It’s my favorite of all the Star Treks. Live long and prosper, dear. And feel better soon. Daytime television grows old quickly.

  10. Oh!So sorry that you are sick! I wish I could bring you soup and cool washcloths!
    Daytime tv is weird. Glad SPIKE is keeping you entertained.
    thinking of you

  11. songbird i hope you are feeling better! I really like The view. I watch it on the days I’m not in class or chapel at 11. Thanks for your support over at my blog!

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