13 thoughts on “You Give Me Fever”

  1. I’m telling you. Take Listing’s advice, get yourself a little Oceans 11, or even Out of Sight, in which J.Lo actually does a decent job.
    Take some Clooney and call me in the morning.

  2. We just got over roving flu/cold at our house. We knew it was bad when even our hair hurt.
    Keep fluids and meds going, get better soon.

  3. Now I’m going to be singing that song. Fever! And the last time I saw it live was Bernadette Peters, too. Maybe if you imagine the song being performed it will have a medicinal effect?

  4. Sending virtual lemsips interspersed with iced drinks…Oh, you poor love. Take care and feel better soon.
    Much love K xxx

  5. I have always found that Glenn Gould playing Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier is very helpful in clearing my sinuses…but the Clooney sounds like a great idea, too.
    I hope you’re feeling better this morning!

  6. Have nothing new to say. Just checking in to virtually feel your forehead, smoothe your covers, fluff your pillow and turn to the cool side. Theraflu?

  7. So sorry to hear you are sick…again? Well lingering strep was awhile ago…but still…I will pray for a speedy recovery!
    Last time I had the flu I watched a wierd movie about an Anglican priest in the 1800’s, a gambling habit, and a glass church, starring Cate Blanchet (as one of the gamblers) that gave me even wierder dreams…

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