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Just the Facts, Ma’am

Think You Have the Flu? What Are Flu Symptoms? Know the FACTS
Sudden symptoms

Um, yes.

I was just a shade to the left of vivid at a church meeting last night, not in color, but in proximity to the sort of delirious mania I tend to exhibit when running even a low-grade fever (which is all I usually run anyway. Even with strep, I had little to no fever.)

I am tucked up on the couch with interim ministry materials.

Many thanks to Snowman for bringing me soup.

#1 Son lost his phone, so if he should read this, I hope he’ll find a way to get in touch with me tomorrow, which will be his 21st birthday.

I know it’s true that I gave birth in 1986, but it somehow seems wrong, nevertheless.

My graying hair looks much better in the downstairs bathroom mirror than in the upstairs; do you think it could be the new fluorescent bulbs in the former? (They give the skin a certain jaundiced tone, but they’re good for the hair.)

It is 8 degrees here, with a wind chill making it feel like -13.

Although the weather is a little less frigid where Pure Luck is, he fully expects to wear his Ninja Snowsuit at work tonight.

I’m still the #1 Google search for ninja snowsuit, but that’s probably because no one else ever thought of writing about such a thing.

Yes, something resembling a delirious mania.

17 thoughts on “Just the Facts, Ma’am”

  1. Oh my Songbird… do tuck yourself in, stay warm, hydrated, and get better soon. Sending some virtual chicken soup your way. :c)

  2. so sorry you’re sick – I hope you’re better soon. Take the time you need to heal – that’s so important!

  3. Oh sweetie…Lots of love, prayers and hot lemon and honey to aid recovery. Stay put and do nothing you don’t have to AT ALL till you’re better. The church can cope without you..the family would rather you survived!
    Loves and hugs

  4. Sending some virtual miso soup your way..and lots of wishes for a speedy recovery. Rest up!
    And happy b-day to #1 Son.

  5. I tell the parents of my patients that if they know exactly what time the train hit them, then they know they have the flu.
    Remember, we are all ministers. The church will live on while you get better.
    Drink a hot toddy, bundle under the blankets and I really hope you feel better soon.

  6. My grandmother had a cure for the flu. If you want the recipe I can send it. I had a real bad case of the flu once. I took her medicine. It didn’t help the flu, but after six or seven doses I didn’t care.

  7. love you – get better soon sis … and at least you weren’t vivid with rage 🙂
    echoing what Mindy wrote #1 son RING HOME!

  8. I sure hope you feel better! The flu will stop you in your tracks for sure.
    So you now have a 21 year old. I know what you mean – hardly seems possible I will have a son who will soon turn 30!

  9. oh, I think I had this two weeks ago.
    I just stopped coughing today–2 weeks to the day.
    healing prayers for you….

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