Mystic Sweet Communion

Come to the Table

(Nine children assisted me with the Communion invitation today, and this is what we said. There are ten parts, one of which we doubled.)

Reader One: This is the table that belongs to Jesus.

Reader Two: When we share the bread and the cup, all people are welcome.

Reader Three: It doesn’t matter how old you are.

Reader Four: It doesn’t matter how tall you are.

Reader Five: It doesn’t matter where you were born.

Reader Six: It doesn’t matter what you ate for breakfast.

All Readers: All people are welcome.

Reader Seven: A long time ago, Jesus sat at a table with his friends.

Reader Eight: During supper, he picked up a loaf of bread, and he blessed it, and he broke it, saying:

Pastor:  This bread is my body. I break it so you may have life. Whenever you share the bread together, remember me.

Reader Nine: Later he shared a cup of wine with his friends and said:

Pastor: This wine is my blood. I pour it out so you may be forgiven. Whenever you share the cup together, remember me.

Reader Ten: These are the things of God for the people of God.

All Readers: Come, for all things are ready.

21 thoughts on “Come to the Table”

  1. I love this!
    I’m going to suggest to my pastor that we do something similiar with our middle school youth group – do you mind if I use your words?

  2. S: This is great! As I sit next to my sons and their friends and they mould their bread into shapes and stick their tongues into the glasses, I think, “Why does this bother me so much?” And yet our congreg. has been very slow to address the kids about the whole point of the event, tho they are kept upstairs for the whole service on Communion Sundays. Hmmmm. Let’s . . . INCLUDE them! What a radical idea. . . .:)

  3. That’s wonderful…so much how I’d long to do it here. Proud of you – I’m sure it was a real blessing to your congregation too.

  4. This is a gift straight from God. It is totally resonant with what I have been wanting to move towards since our Interfaith Plunge a few weeks ago. We have communion this coming week and I may just borrow this! THANK YOU!

  5. That’s great! Too bad the words of institution have to come from the pastor…I think it would be just as holy coming from the kids!

  6. That must have been a great service!
    Our church is very committed to making children feel welcome — we let the little crumb-crunchers wander around the sanctuary (where many of them wind up watching in rapt attention at the front of the church), and we also try to have regular youth Sundays where we include kids throughout the service. At our place, though, the problem is getting the kids to settle down and take things seriously — and ironically, the older kids are the worst offenders; I think a service co-led by earnest and engaged 5-year-olds would work much better.;-)

  7. this is wonderful. i will certainly use this. i am always looking for new, creative, and progressive liturgical tools. thanks for posting!

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