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At Our House This Tuesday

  The Princess in Felted Hat 2 
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At our house this Tuesday:

Sam went out into the backyard early in the morning and left a present of the remains of a cotton knit rope toy, not from our collection, provenance undetermined at this time. He later went to the vet for removal of the IV catheter. He feels MUCH better.

The Princess modeled Felted Hat #2 from my winter knitting efforts before leaving for school.

Two plumbers in Carhartt’s overalls made it possible for water to run into and out of our kitchen sink, after which I was able to run the dishwasher, thereby making room for all the dishes you see on the counter to be cleaned later.

Much good worship planning for next Sunday took place despite all the domestic distractions.

Puss Puss, our almost 12 year old cat, climbed into the rhododendron outside our front door and came dangerously close to getting stuck in the fork of a branch.

Snowman got a free meningitis vaccine at school, and now his arm hurts.

Pure Luck called from FarFarAway State, where he is not in hiding, and told me that the repairs needed to his car came to a total of positively Volvonic proportions.

And, last but not least, Molly turned 5!!! She celebrated with two Mollyburgers (plain cheeseburgers from McDonald’s), while we sang to her. We love our Molly!!!

P.S. I swear this is the year we are having the kitchen cabinets painted. I mean it.

16 thoughts on “At Our House This Tuesday”

  1. Glad to know Sam is ok and everything came out all right. Princess is mighty beautiful in the new hat!
    Hate to hear about car repairs costing alot of moola.

  2. Ok, I love to knit…but I can only make things that are in a straight line…like scarves…wide or thin…so, great job on the hat!! She looks fabulous. Glad to hear about the sink,…what a pain that must have been (lesson in “waiting”).
    but oh, my, car troubles…until last winter we had two 10+ year cars…I feel your pain…

  3. Glad to hear that Sam is doing better. I had paint samples taped to my kitchen cabinets for over two years…I still haven’t painted them but this spring it is getting done!

  4. Got home tonight from a trip to find two shoes destroyed – not matching shoes, mind you. No, that would have been practical. Instead, two pairs are now ruined.
    Please tell me our very bad boys are going to outgrow this chewing phase soon!!!

  5. The Princess is very pretty. She looks like you!
    What’s with painting your kitchen cabinets? The natural wood is easier to care for, I think.
    Glad Sam passed his texiles dinner.
    HB to Molly! I’m glad she got 2 cheeseburgers~!

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