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I Don’t Like Mondays

1) Carpenter Brother in Law never came back with his snake.

2) Sam Dog is sick, won’t eat, dry heaving; I fear he is somehow clogged, too, although we haven’t noticed anything missing (as in eaten by him).

3) I’m supposed to go away with my preacher group overnight.

4) That is not going to happen.

5) On the other hand, if I can get a plumber, I can likely be home to meet him.

6) Maybe Monday is a better day off than Friday?

7) This week it will have to be.

6 thoughts on “I Don’t Like Mondays”

  1. I left Sam at the vet to receive IV fluids. They just called to say the x-ray shows nothing obvious. The hard area felt in his intestines may just be feces, or it may be something else, but nothing that could be identified simply. They will keep him on fluids all day and hope that he perks up and also that whatever it is moves along.

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