My Weekend: Clue Edition

(Beginning at 8 p.m. Saturday)

Songbird at the Garbage Disposal with Leftover Pasta

Pure Luck in Far Away State with Cell Phone

Songbird under the Sink with Bucket

The Father of My Children in the Kitchen with the Pipe Wrench

Songbird in the Bed with The Princess

Songbird out of Bed with Sam Dog

Sam Dog in the Backyard with … Troubles

Songbird Back in Bed with The Princess

Songbird out of Bed with Sam Dog

Sam Dog in the Backyard with … Troubles

Songbird in the Car with Sermon

Domestic Goddess in the Bedroom with Dust Cloth

Songbird in the Pulpit with Sermon

Carpenter Brother-in-Law in the Basement with the Snake

Snowman (finally home) on the Sidewalks with Leashes

Songbird on the Sofa with Oscar?

17 thoughts on “My Weekend: Clue Edition”

  1. Scheiss. Can you be comforted at all with the thought of a BSG episode that’s supposed to include plenty of Mary McDonnell?
    Probably only a little — but it’s all I’ve got to offer, in lieu of virtual chocolate. And virtual booze.
    And yeah, what KathyR said…let us know, won’t you?

  2. Definitely a plumber’s snake. We’re still waiting for him to come back with it, so that part was (hopefully) predictive.
    Jane Dark, I am delighted to hear about the new BSG!! Somehow I thought everything was canceled by the Oscars tonight. We may have to DVR it anyway, since it is a school night for Snowman.

  3. There’s BSG???
    Crud. Now I have to fight for TV time. And it’s OSCAR night.
    Were you tempted to say “I’m so MF tired of this MF snake in my MF basement?”
    Cause as soon as I read this, I said that out loud.

  4. Cheesehead, yes, there IS BSG. But if you’re on the east coast, it’s delayed till midnight, which is, I suppose, both a blessing and a curse.

  5. It’s not on until midnight? Now I know we have to DVR it. I had better look at the guide.
    Cheesehead, since we’re still waiting for the snake, I would rightly have to say I’m so MF tired of those MF noodles in my MF drains…if I were the sort of person to say, ahem, those sorts of things.

  6. Oscar and your very favorite pizza. Perhaps Sam shouldn’t get very much of it tonight…
    We have a DVD of “Dark Victory” with Bette Davis cued up, but I may have to check on the Oscars now and then.

  7. Songbird, I’ve just finished session 2 of BSG. We still need to watch season 2 1/2. We are soooooo addicted! Thanks for turning us onto it!
    Sounds like a horribly eventful weekend. Hope your Oscar evening is great fun.

  8. Cathy, thanks for asking about BSG – I was feeling like too much a dork to ask. We are so deep into Lost around here, that we pretty much have forbidden each other to get into Batttlestar Gallactica, which I know would be just the kind of thing we could lose our minds about.
    Songbird – so sorry to hear about your weekend. Didn’t you post one time about things breaking whenver PL goes on a job? I’m trying to remember…. Anyway, sorry to hear that you had a broken sink AND a broken dog – that seems like too mcuh for one family to have to bear.

  9. And there was the broken car earlier in the week…
    Yes, this does tend to happen when PL is away. Sigh.
    But I have a *much* better attitude this time than I’ve had in the past.

  10. Oooh….BSG…
    I’m just getting in to the first season; a seminary friend is lending me the DVDs!
    It sounds like an eventful weekend!

  11. Please try and have a gentle and uneventful week, my friend…If there are too many days like that to come back to, just reading about it will bring on the need for a further retreat.
    Take care xxx

  12. Shh! Don’t tell my dh about BSG! I’ll never get to watch anything else!
    I’d like to say that angel hair pasta should NOT, NOT screw up the sink. Eggshells, maybe. Spoons, watermelon rinds, okay. Pasta…ANGELHAIR pasta – no.
    Something out of sync with the universe.
    Have a good week…hugs to you.

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