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Pee Story

I want you all to know that despite having had obscene phone calls, a car in the shop, a dog who has gone to the vet and the indignity described below all in the brief time since Pure Luck left for FarAwayState, I am coping. I have not lost my sense of humor. 

Thus: "Pee Story" (with sincere apologies to Andy Williams, and nearly as posted at Phantom‘s Wednesday Whining)

Where do I begin to tell the story
Of how bad a night can be
The whining story that is older than the sea
The simple truth about the cat that bothers me

Where do I start

Late the other night,
While waking from a hot flash guaranteed to burn
And leave me sweating I smelled something not quite right
The pillow damp beneath me had a certain scent
Of old cat pee.

Of old cat pee, how long may we have slept
On this darn thing? I can’t believe that I
Could sleep on it, and never know
But maybe it’s the one my husband tossed away
Left on the floor, right in the darn cat’s way
I walk in my room
She’s always there

How long will this last
The cat is 12 years old and many more to live
I have no answers now
But I would gladly give
This cat to anyone who wants to let her live

But she’ll be here.

15 thoughts on “Pee Story”

  1. Oh my goodness, my stomach hurts from laughing. That took quite a bit of creativity. Poor old kitty. It is a design flaw that they all seem to become incontinent.

  2. Oh dear. Double oh dear, since this sounds like Baby the angry kitty cat, who, as I recall, has always enjoyed marking her territory…

  3. It is indeed Baby who has once again offended.
    This was not my first whiff of something unpleasant. I had washed every bit of bedding, linen, etc., only to discover to my horror it was one of the pillows. Bleh.

  4. Hilarious.
    And I was singing the whole thing in my head while I read.
    And I don’t really think Andy Williams deserves any apology.

  5. I still feel sorry for him, because his wife’s was the first celebrity scandal I remember knowing about. What was the name of the guy she shot? Spider?

  6. Oh, my! I’m sorry this happened, Songbird, but thank you SO much for your lyrics! I have tears in my eyes from laughing! Thank goodness my Rosie got over her “Gee, the clothes in this laundry basket are so much more comfy to my petite feline toes than my the coarse nasty litter in my litter box” phase. I don’t think one can wash cat pee out of pillows, quilted fabric, or wool garments.
    You’ve reminded me that it’s been a while since “the girls” blogged. Maybe they have a song to offer in rebuttal…sorry, unintended pun, there.

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