A New Record

In what is a new track record for things breaking down in Pure Luck’s absence, my car began to vibrate on the way home from work yesterday. Diagnosis: something to do with a coil and a spark plug and trying to run on four cylinders instead of five.

I could write an essay on this topic, but instead I will say, "Hi, honey! Hope you had a great day! Wishing you well while you are away at work!!!"

11 thoughts on “A New Record”

  1. The Solid Gold Volvo required a diamond encrusted ignition coil, installed after a high-falutin’ computer diagnostic. I asked if the other four spark plugs were likely to have the same problem and was informed that this is not something they can check for ahead of time, just something they can charge you 2 dozen or so Alexander Hamiltons to repair when you are in crisis mode and really need your car to get to work. So it’s possible I may someday need four more of these diamond-encrusted doodads, but for the moment, we’re okay.

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