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On the Other Hand

Let’s be thankful for the Caller ID that is part of our TimeWarner package. When the guy called back again at 9:30, we were watching TV. He repeated the same line he used earlier, but this time I said, "I have Caller ID. If you call again, I’m calling the police." I got the name and phone number, and thanks to reverse number look-up, I have an address, too.

What would make people think any kind of prank phone calls could be successfully hidden nowadays?

21 thoughts on “On the Other Hand”

  1. What a dimbulb. If you turn him in, it could be on one of those “stupid criminal” lists. The obscene phone-caller who didn’t disable caller ID.

  2. Would it be a good idea call the cops anyhow, so that some other woman who *doesn’t* have Caller ID doesn’t have to be scared of him? Just a thought.
    Glad you got to tell him off.

  3. I’m with all the others…but adding a late hug (sometimes this time difference really sucks) for your having to suffer the nastiness in the first place.
    Keep a whistle by the phone, of those really really piercing ones. Then if you have any more nonsense, he can be a deaf dummy…

  4. Eew, creepy.
    On a lighter note. I was just reading my Sunday Globe (a day late) and there’s a fun article called “Preaching Fashion” on the front page. Rev. Victoria Weinstein is known as PeaceBang and is a blogger too!

  5. Hi, Alegna~
    I enjoyed reading PeaceBang until she slammed one of my blogging buddies. She is indeed clever and has some good advice on the fashion front.
    I’m at the office this morning, friends, but when I get home, I’m going to take your advice and call this in to the police.

  6. I love the whistle idea. I don’t have a whistle handy, but I could hold the phone up to a smoke alarm and set it off. That would work wouldn’t it?
    Is it a little strange that I am now looking forwarding to an obscene phone call?

  7. Funny. I used to read PeaceBang too. And then she attacked me. Witty, but mean.
    So, I have to ask the question that came to mind. Could this prank caller be someone from Small Church? Someone that reads your columns in local paper? Someone acting out weird fantasy about preacher ladies? Or worse. ppb is right. Turn the jerk in.

  8. Whoever he is, I know his name and address now, thanks to reverse number look-up. It’s not a familiar name to anyone in the family.
    Elsa, she attacked you, too? Sheesh.

  9. I’m glad you were able to put some fear into the jerk, and that you went ahead and called the police.
    I had a college roommate who tried the whistle-into-the-phone thing, but the jerk just called back. Guess he was holding the receiver away from his ear. That was many years before Caller ID, though.

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