Random Bullets of Saturday

  • In approximately 24 hours, Pure Luck leaves for work out-of-state.
  • We may not see him until April, since this particular job is a little further away than will allow for an overnight visit.
  • At least he’s not going back here, where he worked the past two "springs."
  • If he were going there, at least he would be prepared with his ninja snowsuit.
  • I am still the top Google search for ninja snowsuit.
  • Today we are expecting a high of 33 degrees Fahrenheit, which is practically t-shirt weather compared to the cold of the past few weeks.
  • We had our family good-bye last night, as Pure Luck and I must attend a church dinner tonight.
  • I always feel sorry for the dogs when he is leaving, as their lives become very dull in his absence.
  • Fortunately, they do tend to sleep a lot during the day, even when he is here.
  • On Monday I’m going to visit a doggie day care on the route to work, hoping to send them there once a week.
  • I’m doing my best not to think about the fact that after this job there is another one.
  • At least the second job is closer to home.
  • Intellectually I am fine about the absence.
  • Have you ever noticed that when you start a sentence with "Intellectually I" you really feel pretty much the opposite of whatever you are about to say?
  • I’m sure we will all be fine.
  • All shall be well.
  • I’ll make that my mantra.
  • Could we teach that to Sam, so he doesn’t eat anything he shouldn’t this time?

13 thoughts on “Random Bullets of Saturday”

  1. Maybe Sam needs a Big Brother during this absence of manliness? You’d think Snowman would do, but perhaps Sam recognizes that Snow man doesn’t have a voter registration card yet.

  2. Until April? Oh, that must seem like forever.
    My husband left yesterday for ten days, and I am already feeling sorry for myself.
    Sending hugs ….

  3. It may be the very, very end of March, but I’m trying not to count on it. Because every time I count on an arrival date? Sam eats something he ought not.

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