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The Day After the Blizzard

We tucked ourselves thoroughly away during yesterday’s storm, which extended well into last night. At our house the accumulation was about 8 inches of snow, coated with a little freezing something-or-other. I didn’t have to shovel it, so I’m probably not the best judge of how serious the icy parts were.

When it was time to leave for work, I decided to take a route different from the usual one. Instead of using the Turnpike Exit Near Panera and Accident Heavy Uphill Downhill Country Road, I stayed on the pike a few more minutes and used Turnpike Exit with Rest Area and set out for Old Mill Town on Cat-and-Mouse Marsh Crossing Road.

The marsh looked beautiful dressed in snow. The blizzard winds remain with us, and the snow blew across the road much as mist might cover it in another season.

Then I noticed them, five or six cars at cockeyed angles. Snow and wind, married together, give birth to sudden obscuration. Had they careened into the snow to avoid one another, the drivers of these cars? I continued on slowly as they awaited the blue-lit police car  coming from the other side of the marsh.

The wind continues to blow. It rattled the windows of my office and perturbed the cars on AHUDCR during my return journey. I am safe inside Panera, working on my sermon, continuing to ponder the Transfiguration.

Was Jesus really changed, or were the disciples changed by seeing his otherwise concealed divinity shining forth?

The blowing snow does not change the road or the cars, but rather our perception of them.

5 thoughts on “The Day After the Blizzard”

  1. This seeing in one another . . . sounds a lot like the book we’re doing with our Wednesday Group, “The Four Agreements.” He talks about everything be a dream, that we are mirrors for one another . . .
    All I know is that it can stop snowing. I’m done. Done. Winter is now over. I’d start wearing shorts as a personal protest, but who wants to see THOSE legs??
    Stay warm!

  2. It’s cold, but not snowing here. Low here in mid 20s tonight. It never got out of the 40s today here. That’s cold for these here parts.

  3. “Was Jesus really changed, or were the disciples changed by seeing his otherwise concealed divinity shining forth?”

    cold here too, wherever here is.
    bonne fête, songbird.

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