Think Before You Speak

On CNN, they’re showing the results of the Westminster Kennel Club Show, and interviewing the handler of James, this year’s winner, just before they have lunch at Sardi’s.

A man describing James’ work as a therapy dog with Alzheimer’s patients says he "helps them forget."

Okay, then. Good dog, James.

7 thoughts on “Think Before You Speak”

  1. lol :=)Priceless!
    Also, in bloglines the line break was such that it read
    “James, a therapy dog with Alzheimers”
    I know Dillon has ADHD, but I’d not met a dog with dementia till now…

  2. I love this show, and love that dogs are so smart. (I’m not a cat person.)
    Used to take my black lab to visit church member w/ Alzheimers. Member didn’t know me, his wife, his daughter. But once I visited w/o the dog and miraculously, the man said the only words he ever said to me:
    “Black dog.”
    They are little canine angels, I tell you.

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