Mid-life Crisis

How to Turn a Day from Blue-ish to Bright-ish

If you have started the day off having a set-to over almost nothing with a child, followed by an intense conversation with your spouse about one of the things you’re never supposed to talk about in polite company (you know the ones: politics, religion, sex, money), followed by a meeting with colleagues who tell you to take care of yourself, right after you’ve just figured out that the things breaking your budget all seem to be Songbird Self Care line items, here is what I would suggest you do.

1) Call a very good friend. Listen to her, and I mean really listen.

2) Go to a bookstore. You needed something there, right? (It doesn’t hurt to get a call from your dear one at exactly the moment you are spying the appropriate Valentine.)

3) Meet up with the one you love. Hug each other. Go out to lunch, even if it is just to Subway.

4) Do the grocery shopping right after, since you can do it faster together.

5) After your work is finished for the day, take a walk in the park with dear one and dogs. A walk will do you good. If you think it’s too cold out, put on your long underwear.

6) And when the day is over, remember that 11 doesn’t last forever, you didn’t get into your line of work for the money, and having every man-jack-dog-cat-girl of them safely tucked under the roof while awaiting a snowstorm is about as sweet as it gets.

14 thoughts on “How to Turn a Day from Blue-ish to Bright-ish”

  1. Songbird
    Sound like you and I had a very similar day yesterday. Except replace 11 with 5 (Why do I even fight with a five year old!?)
    Thank goodness for a snow day when we could snuggle, watch movies, and remember how wonderful it is to be a family!

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