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This Shall Be a Sign Unto You

White Mountain State Public TV is showing a concert tonight from 1980, The Grateful Dead at Radio City Music Hall.

I must admit to being perhaps the only U.S. citizen born in 196_ who has never consciously listened to The Grateful Dead. Sure, I know their fans are called Deadheads. I have friends who proudly claim to be among them.

I once worked with two young women who worked only to support their travels to hear the Dead in concert. Both those young ladies were inclined to forgetfulness. Both used to joke, when they messed up at work, about having a brain seizure.

Both of them developed benign brain tumors. Which caused seizures.

This did nothing to increase my interest in The Grateful Dead.

But tonight, I listened. I identified Jerry Garcia and explained to The Princess who he was. She loved Cherry Garcia ice cream. I discussed their music with Snowman, who knows of them, but like his mother, had never listened.

The Princess allowed as how all the songs we heard sounded about the same.

I suspect being in some sort of altered state changes the way a person hears them, I said, feeling, oh, superior.  I mean, after all, Deadheads are stoners, right? They’re obviously not sharp, competent people like yours truly.

A pledge break came on, and the screen filled with images of giveaway items.

"Why does their stuff have skulls all over it?"

I wish I could tell you I was not the one who asked the question.

Snowman answered, "Because they’re DEAD?!?!!!" He put his head in his hands and sighed.

I think maybe I need some sleep.

16 thoughts on “This Shall Be a Sign Unto You”

  1. Here’s what you do, get the recording of the Persuasions singing Grateful Dead songs. I too had not really listened (or at least not voluntarily) to the Dead until My Son the Anarchist Stockbroker bought some of their music (hey, it was better than “Eve of Destruction” over and over and over again….) But then I got the Persuasions CD and appreciated the music much more.

  2. lol Do you know how much I love you, Songbird??
    Thank you for cheering my Monday morning :-)x
    (I’ve never listened to them either, btw!)

  3. Love.the.Dead.
    Mostly because of a particularly happy, free, irresponsible time in my life. And a particular guy.
    You’re right! It does all sound the same. It’s the mellow smile I get while listening to a particular song for, oh, 40 minutes, that is the greatest part.
    And I don’t have to use substances to get it…just remember a wonderful guy named Tennyson LeMaster. (really).

  4. I haven’t listened to the Dead in a while…I discovered them later in life but never really got into their music. If you like the Dead, try The Grass Roots, hardly anyone knows who they are 🙂

  5. Phantom, definitely! Have I ever mentioned that the mother of Mr. Know-It-All and his Teeny Little Sister is a Deadhead? The similarities continue to abound.

  6. I was born in 195_ (since all the cool kids are doing the _ thing) and I don’t believe I have heard them either. If I have, I don’t know it.

  7. Ok, that’s too funny!! Sounds like my son filling me in….I “listened” to the Dead waaay back in high school for about a year, during the time I dated a certain boy….but they were never my fav. (Indeed a certain “deadness” prevailed). Back then I leaned more toward Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. Spent waaay to much time being melancholy with Joni. Now I never listen to any of them, except Neil Young. I like his Prarie Wind CD.

  8. Ohh, I loooove the Dead.
    I can’t deny that a good deal of their music sounds similar ;P But they were a very mellow, country-influenced band, so hey! They spread a lot of love and talked about peace and being good to people. Can’t knock that 😛
    Don’t believe all Deadheads are mind-blown stoners- I’m a good example against that! Of course, everyone’s got different tastes in music, and if you don’t like it, you don’t like it- but give ’em a shot 🙂
    Random note: I love your blog, by the way- you’re a very open, interesting person!

  9. your an idiot ! the dead are the history of rock and roll. esp in america, news flash only band to never stop playing to lead members died ( 40 years) and the most loyal fans! whom never get over the band, never heard of Led Zeps or pink pigs, no one could do that like they did. And they also played shows in such a fashion that some artisit never even heard of.

  10. not saying they are the best far from it, but my favorite for sure! and i am a prodcucer so i need to deal with different music daily, but that music is personal, its my own a long with other fans. When hearing other music the feeling comes in, when you hear dead music the feeling comes out!
    just another head deffending the legacy of the band.

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