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Bugs in a Rug

  Bugs in a Rug 
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We’re home on Saturday morning without the human children. It’s nice to have a morning when no one is in a hurry to be anywhere. Even the dogs were content to snuggle up after breakfast, in no rush to get out for their walk today.

I have some writing to do, catching up on my Project 365 blog and finishing tomorrow’s sermon.

But first I might be tempted to curl up somewhere myself for a few minutes.

What are you doing today?

24 thoughts on “Bugs in a Rug”

  1. They look so cozy. I’m going to a meeting at church, grading papers, and cleaning house. If I have time, I’m going to try to catch up some on my 365 blog too, and maybe take a nap.

  2. I’m also Kid-less, he being off in neighboring state for a youth retreat. And I’m not preaching, and the house is clean so theoretically I’m pretty free. I do have some writing to do for the next newsletter, and some reading to do for next week but still, pretty free.
    So far I’ve had breakfast and skimmed the NY Times and checked a few blogs.

  3. I started to answer here but it got too long. So I will further procrastinate in my duties by blogging about it…I love that picture of Sam and Molly.

  4. I started to answer, but it got too long. So I will further procrastinate in my duties by blogging about it…I love that picture of Sam and Molly.

  5. I am having the exact opposite kind of day.
    Although I did almost take a picture of our cat snuggled up in one of her fuzzy cat toys that she pushed into the sun. I would do anything to be THAT cat today.

  6. Fighting a cold and menstrual cramps in order to get my house cleaned before my mother gets here tomorrow night, because I have a Valentine dance tonight and must knock off for the day today about mid-afternoon and get ready.
    But my mom just emailed to say that my stepdad has a bad round of gout and she’s trying to talk him out of the trip (and failing so far) which is to supervise repairs to their rental property after the last bad ice storm.
    So she doesn’t know if they’re coming or not, and I don’t know if I’m killing myself cleaning for nothing.

  7. Those dogs look so comfy!
    Just finished going to shawl ministry meeting and then Daughters of the King. Hopefully this afternoon, I can read, finish up some laundry and chill.(not like in cold weather though). Going over to Patti’s blog and check out her progress on her shoveling the roof — something you NEVER see here!

  8. I’m heading into work in an hour in an attempt to get ahead for the week. I’d love to get all of my lesson plans done *before* the week starts. I won’t get all of them finished, but it’s nice to dream. 🙂
    I’d rather stay in my jammies and snuggle with the kitty. Sigh.

  9. nothing. absolutely nothing.
    except the ten things I listed on my blog earlier today….which may or may not amount to “nothing”…LOL!
    Those are big dogs. I have two cats, significantly smaller than your dogs. Somehow, though, they manage to take up the whole couch, or bed, or dining room table…how is that possible?

  10. What am I doing today? Getting ready to get all gussied up in red velvet finery to go do strolling violin and sing torch songs at our church’s “Sweetheart Banquet.” Since I have no sweetheart, it kind of rings hollow for me, but at least I get to add to the ambience for those who *do* have sweethearts.
    Now what did I do with my silver and rhinestone hair clips…
    (I’d rather be your dogs, truly! They look so comfy and cozy!) But at least it’s not wickedly cold here in Texas…not today, anyway.

  11. My mom got out her car keys, and I said “wroo! take me!” and we got in the car, but all we did was drive around to places where she did stuff. When we got home, I didn’t want to get out of the car. I was robbed!!!

  12. It’s now evening, and there is a cat who wants to settle on my laptop. He is old and slender and probably likes its warmth.
    I finished my sermon, although cheesehead’s is so good I don’t like mine now. I successfully made lasagna for dinner. I managed to hook up an ancient VCR to preview something for a meeting at church tomorrow. And I did some knitting on another hat, too. Not to mention half a dozen loads of laundry, some of which are actually folded and put away. Not a bad day, I guess.
    Can I go to bed now?

  13. Yes, good night.
    Like all crockpot dishes, the turkey was kind of soupy, but it was delicious. I bet you could make it in a dutch oven on top of the stove in about three hours.

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