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Hair Apparent

For several years, while covering my gray hair, I worked with various hairdressers hoping to get my much-adjusted hair to a shade more like the lovely sort of ashy-medium brown it once was, much like the hair of The Princess is now.

Many misadventures occurred, including a cap highlight so bad for my hair I could hardly comb it for a year.

As I may have mentioned, since late November when I had strep followed by a secondary scalp infection and lymphadenitis, I have stopped coloring. I now have about 1.5 inches of my actual hair color (brown and silver) all over my head. And while there are moments I wonder if I can stand the growing out process, yesterday I had a revelation.

That combination of hair colors? Looks just like the color I was hoping to get artificially.

(Especially when viewed with middle-aged morning eyes not yet wearing glasses.)

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  1. Oh, and for the growing out thing, the first time I grew out, I got these temporary hair colors–they’d last a month and sort of blend everything together for that month. Of course, I was growing out a most unfortunate experiment in blond. Sounds like your hair is closer to your real color.

  2. Be bold! Before long you’ll wonder why you ever you ever bothered to torment your hair with all of those expensive and tedious procedures (and nasty chemicals). God is a fine colorist.

  3. I want the t-shirt!
    Disclaimer: I am a slightly vain 46 year old woman who has had gray hair for nearly ten years, so I feel compelled to write a comment that is longer than Songbird’s blog entry.
    I watched Oprah the other day, which is my own guilty pleasure. Oprah featured the Dove Pro*Age models, over-50 women who posed nude in a Dove ad campaign. They were beautiful, and many of them had gray hair.
    The very next segment was called “Turning Back the Clock” and featured, among others, make-up maven Bobbi Brown. When asked what was the most effective anti-aging tool, Bobbi pooh-poohed plastic surgery, Botox, and injectable fillers, then gave a two word answer: “hair color.” I guess those Dove models could look a lot younger if they dyed.
    Here’s the truth:
    1. People can’t tell how old I am, and they usually guess older. In fact, more than once, someone (usually a complete stranger) has asked, “Do you have prematurely gray hair, or do you just have amazing skin?” I always smile and say, “Both.”
    2. My partner says this means that I will look the same at seventy as I do now, and no one will ever figure out how old I am. I’m not sure that’s a good thing.
    3. My children never want me to dye my hair. For a long time I thought it was because they liked it, but recently I learned that my hair makes me easy to spot in a crowd or in the bleachers at a game. At least it’s practical.
    4. The first time my sister, Beth, saw me with gray hair, she burst into tears, not because she didn’t like it, but because it reminded her of our father, who died much too young. He had a shining white head, a ready wit, and a huge heart. So, I think I’ll keep the gray hair.
    And Songbird, your hair will be thick and curly and beautiful no matter what color it is.

  4. I think it’s all in the plan… my colorist is slowly taking the color out to wean me back to my red and gray/looks blond… He likes it better, I don’t.

  5. childhood friend, your hair is gorgeous…and so was your dad’s. Loved him and love you!
    Tonight I had a haircut, and my hairdresser says after the next one I’ll have a whole grey bang section. It actually looks pretty cool. (Do I sound convinced?)

  6. I think it’s beautiful. And you are beautiful. Relish in it darling. And use all that beauty to your advantage. I’m still foaming about that comment from a certain seminary professor. Grr.

  7. stopping dyeing my hair was a hard choice – but I couldn’t stand the chemicals. In retrospect it didn’t take that long to grow out … but there was an awful stage where it was grey to my ears and then the dark was swept back into a pony tail. At one point I had the revelation that I could go short and cut of the dark and it was the best thing I’ve done in a long time.
    Now I love my grey 🙂 And you know what? I wonder why so few women choose the grey option!

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