13 thoughts on “Ruined by Reading”

  1. When I take fun stuff to read for lunch hour, the hour tends to run over–or the book sneaks out of my briefcase in the late afternoon when I don’t feel like making important phone calls. But that’s just me.

  2. still ticking?
    I always take a book. Unfortunately at school we have only 30 mins break for lunch – and so there’s no time for reading there – also the breaks are too short – only time to sort out books for the next class – or from 9:45 – 10am be on playground duty! Sigh the main task is to stop the high schoolers sneaking back into school – so it feels more like being a bouncer at times. Sigh. Not that I blame them when the weather is cold – but hey – I have to be outside too 🙂
    ENJOY – as Sue said ‘that IS what lunchbreaks are for’ (oh and eating too 🙂

  3. What a coinkydink! I’m reading it for the FIRST time.
    I dasten’t take it to work with me. I’d not get anything else done.
    I have had success with knitting for a set amount of time during breaks, or reading other things, but this particular book has GRABBED me in such a way that after 30 minutes I’m afraid I’d just climb under my desk and keep on.

  4. WEll, I see you did read and marked your time in your comments. I’m impressed. Mary Beth, I love your word “coinkydink”.
    I would have taken the book with me and then probably have not read it.
    By the way, “ruined” down here is “rurnt”.

  5. I read blogs in stolen moments at work; reading at lunch should be okay. If I was really into the book though, I’m afraid it might be a loooong lunch!!

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