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Block That Scarf!

  Block That Scarf! 
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Thursday I stopped into one of my local yarn stores hoping to buy some of the T-pins Ruth recommended for pinning out the scarf I’ve been avoiding.

But Local Yarn Lady, who is wise in the ways of blocking, recommended against pinning. She gave me a long talk about what not to do when taking my project out of the water, how to and how not to squeeze water from it, and basically would not hear about pins being used in any way.

I told Snowman about this later, and he said, "She refused to sell you pins?"

"She certainly didn’t offer them to me."

"You went in asking for pins, and you left the store without them?"


Bravely, I followed her advice and laid the gently squeezed scarf out on a doubled-over towel on my ironing board and shaped it.

I was not satisfied, because even wet, certain bad features were not bending to my will. I ended up using pins–okay, actually, they were needles, because some child "borrowed" my pins, and no one will take responsibility for it–in half-a-dozen or so strategic locations. And then I walked away.

The next morning, it looked like this!

8 thoughts on “Block That Scarf!”

  1. It’s lovely. Did the Princess get to wear it to the dance?
    I am still struggling to get started on a scarf…I’ve cast it on about a dozen times (think I have that part down!) but I can’t knit more than a couple of rows without it looking like a mess, so I start over. Sigh….

  2. Sadly, The Princess was still not well enough to go to school on Friday, so she did not attend the dance. This is perhaps a blessing in some ways…

  3. Beautiful scarf – makes me want to do that pattern again – this time in a different yarn other than mohair!
    I believe dances can be like an emotional roller coaster for young teens – at least it was for me way back then.

  4. Use a knifty knitter if you wish to get back into knitting a scarf or other project. Easier than the traditional way. My ten yr old makes fabulous ones and wouldnt do it any other way.

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