Sick Day: a Play in One Scene

Girl: My ear still hurts.

Mom: Since you've managed to keep a piece of toast down, you could probably take some Motrin.

Girl: It hurts when I put pressure on it in a certain position.

Mom: (resists urge to say "don't put pressure on it in a certain position.")

Girl: Do you think there could be something in it?

Mom: I doubt it. But what exactly do you mean? Would you like me to look at it?

Girl: Will you promise not to touch it?

Mom: Of course!

Girl: Because you always say that, and then you always touch it!

Mom: Do you want me to look at it?

Girl: No!!

Mom: I promise I won't touch it.

Girl: No!!

Mom: But you think there's something in it?

Girl: I don't know. Maybe.

Mom: You mean, like a bug?

Girl: No!! I don't know!

Mom: Do you mean a foreign object? Or an infection?

Girl: Never mind.

(All is quiet.)

Girl: (triumphantly holds out hand) Look!

Mom: It's a whisker!

Girl: It is?!??

Mom: Yes!

Girl: It must be from Puss Puss. She rubs her head against me.

Mom: I could have gotten it out for you.

Girl: Never mind.

1 thought on “Sick Day: a Play in One Scene”

  1. Very odd. I don’t know that I would ever even feel a little whisker in my ear. She’s the princess and the pea.

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