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Scope for Imagination

The Princess and I are tucked up on the couch watching "Anne of Green Gables." We are having the evening version of a sick day. She spent the day part on her dad’s sofa while I attended a Church and Ministry retreat and meeting; tomorrow I will stay home with her.

There is a terrible bug going around Renowned Middle School. We are just two days behind. It all began with a middle of the night bout of vomiting. Poor Princess has been without food since dinnertime last night, and is only managing little sips of liquid and crushed ice.

Anne is in crisis, sent to her room over the loss of Marilla’s brooch. How will she ever make a friend if she doesn’t go to the Sunday School picnic?

The Princess worries that her illness will mean she cannot go to the school dance on Friday evening.

(I’m not sure this would be all bad.)

Anne imagines herself in Camelot. She thinks up a good confession and makes it as interesting as she can. She was my mother’s favorite heroine.

I wonder if girls of 11 or 12 or 13 don’t always need to oppose someone they perceive as difficult? Marilla is kind but stern. I send The Princess to bed when she wants to stay up,  and insist on a little less eye-rolling. Do we need this?

Gilbert is winking at Anne in the schoolroom and calling her Carrots, and she is breaking a slate over his head!!!

Emo Boy teases The Princess at school. She tells me he flirts with everyone. These are the days when teasing means everything. Does it make her mad, or does she take it in stride? Who is my girl when she talks to a boy? What part does she imagine herself playing?

I’m learning my new role in her life, just as I am learning a new role in my own. I’m glad I have an imagination, a creative urge to reinvent and reframe and revisit and revamp my understanding of myself–and of my daughter.

8 thoughts on “Scope for Imagination”

  1. The joy of having a tweeny bopper is that you get to relive that yucky time! Only it seems harder to watch than it is to live through.

  2. Poor Princess. Adolescence and a bug. It’s really too much to bear. Does she have red hair too? I just love Anne of Green Gables.

  3. It is a wonderful time in both of your lives! Boys and girls are so different. I am so glad that ya’ll are so close.

  4. love the way you weaved your lives into Anne’s … I loved the series when I was about the Princess’ age (we watched it at boarding school!)

  5. Yes. Those middle school dances. I know what you mean.
    Except, of course, that I have a boy and therefore have NO firsthand information about such events. We drop him off. We pick him up. They could be sacrificing live animals for three hours for all we know.
    So, I guess I wish I knew what you mean.

  6. I adore the Anne of Green Gables series, but then, I sort of have to because I’m Canadian 🙂
    I hope Princess feels better soon.

  7. I LOVE those videos. DD and I re-watched them before we went on our joint treat after her senior year: a trip to PEI. If you go to the Canadian Maritimes in the index of my blog, you can see the pictures of Anne of Green Gables Land — maybe The Princess would enjoy them

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