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Hats, Hats, Hats (or what I am avoiding this evening)

It might be possible that I’m avoiding something.

You see, I bought some lovely yarn in New Orleans, and I knitted a lace scarf pattern, and I actually completed one, but I can’t seem to bring myself to block it.

And I suspect that my sudden fascination with hats and felting may be directly connected to my morbid fear of putting the scarf in water and then pinning it out.

Some experts tell me to put the scarf in water, some say wash it with special soap. I am afraid to do anything.

Yet I overcame my fear of felting, successfully. The Princess wore the hat to school again today, and it looks pretty sweet. I’m knitting another hat to felt, something on smaller needles with more stitches. I’ve oversized it and will wash it more than once to get the full felting effect. (Hat yarn is Crystal Palace Taos, pictured to the left, colorway "Painted Desert.")

But the thought of putting the scarf in water terrifies me, friends. I worked so hard to get the rhythm of the stitch pattern. And I’m worried that I’ll stretch it wrong. And I’m worried that if I pin it to my ironing board, I’ll find out the ironing board isn’t long enough, although it probably is long enough, because it’s a little scarf.

The pressure is on because The Princess would like to wear the scarf, intended for her, to the middle school dance on Friday.


I must pin or cut bait.

14 thoughts on “Hats, Hats, Hats (or what I am avoiding this evening)”

  1. I’m still confused about felting. Is felting just washing something wool that wasn’t meant to be washed, but on purpose, so it gets all fluffy?

  2. Soak! Pin! Be brave!
    Lace, soaked and pinned, is a miraculous thing. You’ve made what is essentially a huge, on-purpose tangle, and after soaking and pinning it’s a thing of beauty.
    You can do it. Be strong.
    (Lace dries very, very quickly. If for some reason you need to hurry things up, point a fan at it.)

  3. Just pretend that the scarf got caught in a snowy rain storm and pin/block that puppy.
    Which yarn store in New Orleans?

  4. The lace yarn scarf is lovely. I understand your hesitation with putting water on it.
    otherwise, I have no clue because I’m yarn-impaired. I stand in solidarity with Cheesehead and PPB.

  5. erm … scratching my head. Hope it works out -whatever it is 🙂
    hey I took a photo for you in Ekenäs at the weekend – will email it 🙂

  6. Geez, I just handed my scarf to my Mom while it was still on the needles and next thing you know it was handed back to me all done.
    Wanna drop yours off?

  7. I like T-pins for lace, but any old straight pins will do. A ruler helps, too … you want things to be as straight and even as possible.

  8. Songbird – think of all those animals that produce the wool – don’t you think they got rained on and got wet???
    By the way, block it on the bed – you’ll have more room and probably won’t run out of space.
    Why don’t you get a spritzer water and get it wet a little bit at a time.
    Think of it as baptism.

  9. You can place a towel underneath to absorb the moisture. I put it on top of my bedspread. I don’t remember it getting too wet.

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