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A Question

If you are living a very full life, with family you love and work you enjoy, and you have an outside commitment in which you sense your gifts may not be fully appreciated, is it acceptable to pull back from that commitment, even though you believe strongly in the cause involved, and to be supportive in some other way?

Please, please, my friends, say yes!

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  1. It sure is! I stepped down from two church committees when I realized how overloaded I was with “just” family needs and my job. I didn’t think I was doing justice to the work of either committee.

  2. yes. But not abruptly. Can you tell I had someone withdraw from something abruptly today? More than 20 minutes advanced notice is definitely called for.

  3. Figure it this way. There is someone God is calling to the work you are currently finding unfulfilling and overloading. You need to get out of the way so this person(s) can hear and answer this call.

  4. I would agree with the others here.
    There may be other times this ministry would be useful to the cause.
    Your prayer and support of the commitment is an important contribution also, though it may not be as noticed.
    So hard sometimes to do!

  5. You betcha. I’m so impressed that you are thinking this way.
    Sometimes I get so overloaded I just shut down on something…and THAT’S not a good way to handle it.
    And St. C. is right…you are creating a ministry opportunity for another person (who may not know that they need or want it). (It will be ministry even if it is a secular organization.)

  6. Yes. Yes. Yes.
    My friend Dorothy and I periodically remind each other that we need to renew the faux “NO” tattoo on our foreheads to prevent overcommitment.
    Sounds like you need one too!

  7. Oh yes, please do….apart from anything else, I’ll then know that it’s humanly possible that in a similar circumstance I might manage to do likewise ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  8. Yes, yes, yes.
    There is a quote I often think of, when asked to support a worthy effort that is beyond my ability to join wholeheartedly, though I do not remember the source. It goes something like this:
    “That is a good cause, and I will gladly encourage you, because it deserves all your passion; but it is not my passion.”

  9. yes, yes, yes! it’s permissible, and will make you and the group acting for the worthy cause both be healthier. boundaries rule!

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