I Feel So Dirty

The Princess convinced me to watch American Idol.

Why do I have to know who these people are?

How can it be that I am secretly rooting for someone already?

Is it possible tonight’s episode is two hours long? The humanity!!!

And please, please, please, won’t Ashanti leave the room?

(I may never be able to post under the subject "Highbrow Family Values" again.)

18 thoughts on “I Feel So Dirty”

  1. We watched American Idol one season. (My kids get to vote on what television show we watch each week as a family, and that is what they picked.) I don’t remember it being two hours long though — maybe it was shorter in those days?
    Anyhow, I didn’t think it was too bad. Kind of like a talent show. And the guy who almost won, this guy named Clay, was sort of like this nerdy nice guy so I rooted for him from the start. He had a beautiful voice.

  2. This is the first evening television show The Princess has asked to watch, so that’s probably why I am giving in to her. But I’m holding the line on blue hair and body piercing!!!

  3. I had to look away after a while, and when they rejected Nakia, we had to mute it for about ten minutes. I don’t think I’m made for this.

  4. I can’t stand to watch people looking bad, or trying to put on a brave face while some judge tears them up for laughs. I may be mischaracterizing the show, but at any rate, I have missed the whole AI phenom, but I know it’s hugely popular.

  5. I have to admit that American Idol is one of my guilty pleasures. I never watched the audition shows or Hollywood week. I’m not interested in the “reality show’ side of it. I just want to hear them sing.
    BTW, Clay was season 2.

  6. I’d like to feel superior, because I haven’t ever watched American Idol…but…Babs and Portia got me to watch Project Runway and I’m hooked! It’s all their fault!!
    Thanks for sharing your guilty secret–just blame it on the Princess.

  7. I’ve watched it. It’s kind of like watching a train wreck, really. Once you start, you know you should turn away, but you just can’t. You have to see what’s going to happen.

  8. I felt awful after Nakia was sent home. Her first song was so infectious and fun, but the judges were right …. terrible pitch problems in the second. She was so broken-hearted, though. It was too raw to watch.
    On the other hand, that nice 16 year old boy was wonderful, and seems like a good egg. And I can’t believe I have an opinion about ANY of this.

  9. I have not watched American Idol – however, I used to watch Fear Factor, until they had them eat something that was beyond me ability to watch and then I didn’t watch it anymore.

  10. I have still never intentionally watched any minutes of any of these reality or contest shows. But if you watch enough sports on TV, you are so pounded with ads for them that you pretty much know what’s going on with all of those shows anyway. And double “bleah” on the slimy critter eating!

  11. I can’t watch it at all – not eve a peak. Its like Crack and I will end up glued to the TV for months. Dangerous stuff! I watched The Bachlore for awhile. I can’t believe I just admitted that! How low can you go?

  12. In previous seasons we waited until they were down to the final 12 contestants so we could miss most of the “filler” of the auditions and early rounds.
    But this year we did watch…with remote in hand for muting or changing the channel as needed. And it seemed to be needed a lot!

  13. I like it better when they get to the top 12 or whatever it is when it becomes a real singing competition. It becomes more about music. Obviously the people who really can’t sing are put into the auditions so that they can be laughed at on television. Everytime I wonder, where were these people’s friends? Hasn’t anyone told them that they couldn’t/shouldn’t sing? Friends shouldn’t let friends set themselves up like this!

  14. silent – my thoughts exactly. I’m not good at singing – I’d hope my friends wouldn’t let me enter this kind of thing (and yeah we have Finnish Idol here – on as I write)

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