Songbird-Snowman NewsHour

(We are in the kitchen, fixing dinner, while Wolf Blitzer brings us the Situation Room.)

Wolf Blitzer: So you really think it’s 50-50 that Senator Clinton will be the nominee?

Congresswoman: I do! She’s formidable.

Snowman: I’ll vote for her, but I don’t know if I’ll be happy about it.

Songbird: (double take) You’ll be old enough to vote!!!

Snowman: (grins) Yeah.

Songbird: (ages visibly)

18 thoughts on “Songbird-Snowman NewsHour”

  1. But you know, I did the same thing to my Dad. The first time I could vote…I disappointed him mightily by heading to the Dem primary instead of the Republican. Of course this was over 20 years ago…
    Hopefully it balances out somewhere? said the insanely optimistic person
    at least we have a Dem congress…

  2. laughing so much it hurts. But I’ll be there (in Finland) in less than 2 years – and the driving license -and the army … yikes think I’ll go back to bed!
    At least I’ve got the grey hairs already!!!

  3. Oh, geez! Good catch Songbird!! I’m so tired I did not catch that. I was commenting on subjects sequentially, folks.
    to recap: Wondergirl=vote; AdultSon=that other thing. ~sqirms uncomfortably~

  4. Songbird, my stepdaughter has been eligible to vote for almost ten years, and her mother is only a year older than I. 13-year-old daughter will be voting (but, I hope, not errrmmmming, or at least not without protection) before I know it.

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