This is the Day

"This is the day that the Lord has made," I said. "Let us rejoice and be glad in it."

The weather was fairly frightful. A wintry mix is not the best Mother Nature has to offer. My windshield seemed inclined to freeze over. But Car #1, carrying The Princess and myself, arrived in a timely fashion after a careful drive.

The worship service went well, despite a few lapses of communication about how things were to happen. It’s hard to lead communion on your first Sunday in a new church, simply because focusing on those logistics may lead you to forget what you are supposed to do with the offering plates.

The cordless mic did not work at all. Happily, the acoustics are great. I projected during communion and the children’s time, then ratcheted back when using the pulpit mic to preach. The music was beautiful and included a duet for flute and organ. The organist has already asked Snowman to play next week and sent him home with music.

The turnout was surprisingly high for a three-day weekend with icy driving.

Car #2, carrying husband, sons and Molly, arrived late. I had almost finished the announcements when they came through the sanctuary door with a big "Wroo-wroo!" Molly starred in the children’s time, then left for the car.

My parking place is on an incline, so Pure Luck had to take her up a slippery slant to put her in the back of the wagon. She made it safely into the car, but he took a spill after closing the back door. His back feels better after some ibuprofen, but when I got the message he had left and then came home later to find him in pajamas, I was pretty worried!

(So, I think, were the church leaders!)

After worship we had a convivial luncheon in the Vestry, and I was again pleasantly surprised at the number of people who stayed rather than ducking home. There was much smiling, and lots of friendly conversation, and I had a chance to speak to everyone, I think.

But of all the good news of this morning, and there was plenty, the best was this: due to the weather, tonight’s Council meeting has been postponed until next Sunday. I am grateful to be home on a night of more wintry mix, and also glad to have a little more time to get the lay of the land.

I had been feeling fairly anxious about this first day leading worship, until Pure Luck said in the dark early morning, "Just think of it as guest preaching for this week." I think that helped. There is no need to derive one’s pastoral authority from a feigned perfection or a stance of knowledgeability.   That sort of authority from the mind is a false authority. I am there because God needs me there, and if I can remember that, I’ll be fine.

This *is* the day that the Lord has made, wintry mix and all. I rejoice in it.

(P.S. I’m doing Project 365 over here, if you’re interested.)

16 thoughts on “This is the Day”

  1. Molly LOVES church and LOVES new people and places. Sam, not so much. I’ll probably take him for a visit eventually, but one dog seemed like enough for today. Apparently she stood on her hind legs in the Vestry, hoping to win a ham salad sandwich, but I didn’t see it.

  2. Dear ppb,
    Thanks for asking about us. We don’t like the car. Not. one. bit. If you have to go in the car to get there, we want to stay home.
    Your friends,

  3. sounds like a great first day! Heavens, just to survive a first day and still be breathing – that’s fantastic!

  4. Happy that your first sermon is over and you can relax for a bit.
    New Church may have a tiny clue now of the Great Blessing You Are for them.
    Wrooo Wrooo!

  5. I don’t know what time your service began, but as I approached my own pulpit at 11:00, you were very much on my mind. I am glad it went so well on your first Sunday.

  6. Yea Molly girl. a dog is always good for the ahs and taking away the tension. Boohoo for Pure Luck, hope he is better.
    So glad with even all the misses, it was a hit. Way to go girl. Way to go Holy Spirit.
    Glad wisdom prevailed about the weather. Continued prayers as you Pastor there. I Like your sermon too.

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