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In the Dryer

This morning I found in the dryer a tangle of sheets, placed there by my oldest. He is home with not much to do, and I am busy, and I asked for help with the laundry this week.

The sheets wound together and through one another, in some places sinuous, in other places lumpen. King size ivory sheets from my room, queen size soft green for the guest bed and khaki twin sheets from the boys’ room wended their way through the dryer cycle yesterday. The largest fitted sheets remain wettest, twisted violently in their centers, holding pillowcases in their ends.

Somehow the flannel sheets, covered with a pattern of spaniels, retrievers and ducks, remained separate, keeping to the outside edges of the dance. Now they sit lonely atop the dryer, hunters waiting to see what will emerge from the wild woods as the day passes.

10 thoughts on “In the Dryer”

  1. You inspired me to get off the computer (and my butt) and do my own dang laundry. I was going to make my 13 y.o. do it, but not now!

  2. Everyone’s laundry is finished. Now my laundry is in the washer.
    Ohh! I found almost three dollars in bills and change this week in the washer! All valuables left in pockets go to the Laundress.
    I’m a wealthy woman. Yep.

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