Friday Five: Countdown Edition

Olbermann2As posted by yours truly at RevGalBlogPals:

Last night my TV Boyfriend Keith Olbermann made some comments I really
appreciated, and it got me thinking about what makes one person admire
another. In the spirit of Keith’s show on MSNBC, welcome to the Friday
Five Countdown Edition.

Please count down five living people you
admire and tell us a little something about why they make your list.
These could be famous people or people you know personally.


First let me say that The Princess and I discussed admiration yesterday in the context of middle school social life, and we agreed emphatically that cute hair is not enough.

5. Meryl Streep- not too long ago I saw her in a movie on cable, and I loved the fact that she is not surgically adjusted to appear she hasn’t aged. She is mature and gifted and living in her own head and her own body, and in her characters, too. 

4. Anne LaMott-I find her writing honest and real and funny and heroic.

3.  Keith Olbermann-He is my TV boyfriend, after all, and it’s definitely not just about the hair or the neckties. He is articulate and outspoken at a time when the media has been sugarcoating the seriousness of our nation’s actions. I  admire him for swimming against the tide. If you didn’t hear his remarks last night, you may read them here or view them here.

2. Childhood Friend, who sometimes comments here–To be honest, I pretty much adored her when we were young. To get to reconnect with her over the last year or so has been wonderful. Her work on behalf of the civil liberties of others is absolutely admirable, and her capacity to know herself and grow beyond and through her life experiences is beautiful to see.

1. My friend, St. Casserole-Although she grew up in the South without knowing any clergywomen, just as I did, she heard her call and followed it while still young, something it took me a much longer time to do, and she has been a gift to ministry ever since.  She was and is a maverick, and I admire her as well as love her.

I hope you’ll think about playing, whether or not you are a RevGal, because you are all my BlogPals!

20 thoughts on “Friday Five: Countdown Edition”

  1. I love this Friday Five and I love your list! Yay for St. Cass. And yay for Anne Lamott. I adore her. Have I mentioned that she once gave me a red M&M?

  2. Oops. Clicked “refuse” on a comment I meant to click “accept”. Can I claim dain bramage from Turabian blow-outs? Nah. Just careless clicking.
    Thanks for visiting and for leading this weeks’ F5!

  3. It’s grace that brought us back in touch. You have always been one of the most thoughtful and caring people I know. I am touched beyond words to have made your list, and like St. C. (whom I hope to meet someday) I think I’ll go have a good cry. I love you.

  4. Such a wonderful list. Who can’t admire a woman who grew up in the south and answered her call.
    I like that you and the princess discussed admiration.

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