A Desk with a View


This is one of the views from my new desk. (A couple of other pictures are at Flickr.) I look this way a lot because the clock is there. My dad was one of those people who can never keep a watch running. Perhaps his personal magnetic fields were incompatible with time pieces. When he retired from academia, he went back to work at the law firm he founded many years before. It became a bit of an irritation among the administrative assistants at the firm that he would come out of his office and ask whoever was handily close by, "Whut taaahhm is it?"

One day they all pitched in and sent someone to Woolworth’s and bought him the clock that now sits on my shelf.

Because he had a fine sense of humor, he appreciated the joke. And the clock. And so do I.

The doorway to the right in the picture leads to my admin’s office. From my desk, which has a high, narrow window in the hallway door, too,
I catch glimpses of people walking by who will stop in the admin’s
office and tell her what they need. She will give me the message
later. I cannot tell you how odd it feels to have someone to ask for things, to know that people who stop by will not walk right in to see me, that appointments will not be interrupted and that I need not answer the phone while she is there. Yes, she will even put a person on hold to answer Line Two.

The computer guy came by today. The organist came in for a meeting. I have four musicians on staff (Choir Director, Organist, Assistant Organist and Junior Choir Director). Aside from sharing worship themes with them, I have no musical responsibilities aside from choosing hymns. There is a man who opens everything in the morning and comes back at night to be sure the lights are all off and everything is just so.

Isn’t it funny that at the same time certain pressures are removed others are escalated?

14 thoughts on “A Desk with a View”

  1. When I got to the words, “my admin” I did a little dance of joy, just for you!
    It took me a little while to get used to not answering the phone, since I didn’t have an admin for the first 10 months. But get used to it I did. 🙂 You will too.

  2. Ooh….an admin…..SO cool, Songbird! It sounds like this church is going to involve a lot of changes for you! I love your bookshelves (and am marvelling at how empty they are!)

  3. Oh, ppb, there is another whole set full of books. I’ll put it on Flickr. I took a picture of the table, too, but it was blurry. I’ll try again the next time I’m there.

  4. I LOVE the clock story! And the clock. And your office. I hope that it has been a very good week. Have fun preaching in a new place on Sunday!

  5. Oh the beauty of those words “I need not answer the phone…”
    That sounds so lovely, Songbird…and the room looks good too (like your comfy corner on flickr lots…the sofa here is covered with stuff again. Enjoy 🙂 x

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