Turning Over

It is day three of the new job.

(Day two was spent working from home and attending lectionary group and a denominational meeting. It’s part of our covenant that I don’t have to be in the office on that day.)

Today included meeting the Women’s Fellowship, more unpacking, working on the bulletin for Sunday, meeting with the Treasurer, talking to two Trustees, finishing unpacking, taking a ride up and down the main drag of town to begin getting my bearings, lunch in the office, organizing papers, planning for Sunday, meeting with the Mission Committee, meeting with the Head Deacon, tracking down a parishioner who went to the hospital today and, on the way home, visiting her.

I left the house at 8:05 a.m. I arrived home around 6:30 p.m., with an armful of pizza.


I set the coffee table in the little sitting area with a piece of cloth my missionary friend sent from South Africa five years ago, and on it I placed a candle and a meditation chime, shells and stones from beaches I’ve visited, the beautiful boat a classmate gave me as a reminder to take care of self (you know, Jesus went to the back of the boat) and finally a deck of angel cards. I keep them in
a dish made by a child of mine, who prefers to remain nameless, long
ago in art class.

When I got them all in the dish, I turned one over: Willingness.

Lord, I am willing.

But also a little tired.

14 thoughts on “Turning Over”

  1. Songbird, I wish I could run around and run errands for you, or do something to take away the tiredness. All I’ve got is prayer, and cheap virtual hugs.
    But know that you have those, wholeheartedly, all the time.

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