Home and Away Again

This morning I returned to the office after my trip to Mississippi. There is a lot to do as this will be my last Sunday at Small Church and I begin my new job on Monday. Packing is by no means the least of it, and there is an exit interview and many other closing exercises, so to speak.

I am exchanging e-mails with the Head Deacon about plans for Sunday morning. I assure him that the entire family will be present and this is his e-mail reply–

"Are Sam and Molly coming, too?"

I hope you’ll excuse me for a moment; I seem to have something in my eye…

24 thoughts on “Home and Away Again”

  1. Oh. Those are the tough ones. For me it was, “You’ll do Mom’s funeral, won’t you?”
    Keeping you in prayer, that you can be fully present in this very important time…

  2. Will be thinking of you Songbird. I hope you get soemthign besides a ceramic pumpkin…unless of course, you liek that sort of thing!
    Sermon idea sounds wonderful!

  3. (((Songbird)))
    I hope the weekend is everything you need it to be, and that the transition is a good one. Not much time to catch your breath in between ministries! Be sure to let us know how the new job is once you get settled in.

  4. Awww, that’s wonderful that Molly and Sam are included in Deacon’s Last Sunday Wishes.
    I hope everything goes well this week. All of it.
    Missing you!

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