Belatedly, the Dream Meme

Lighthouse(Originally posted here.)

Tell us all about:

1) a dream you remember from childhood–I used to dream vividly about Mr. Ed, who terrified me. I mean, seriously, why should a horse talk? It’s upsetting to the nerves.

2) a recurring or significant dream–I had taken time off from seminary, unsure I would ever return, when I had an important dream. I was on a beach with a clergyman, and we embraced and kissed. Then a storm blew up and I ran to a nearby lighthouse, which was shelter to a community of people of all ages. In the lighthouse, I worked with an angelic woman to make sure all windows and doors were closed tight, to protect the community.

After attempting to ignore the dream for a day or three, I caught a clue. I embraced my inner pastor, and relied on the Holy Spirit, and went back to seminary the next semester.

3) a nightmare–any dream in which I can’t find my children

4) a favorite daydream–where we might hold a RevGalBlogPals meeting and what might happen there; will it be a mountain retreat center? a fabulous hotel in an interesting city? a church basement in the hinterlands?

5) a dream for the New Year–I dream of some resolution to our situation in Iraq and Afghanistan. As we pass the mark of 3000 deaths, I think of my children and then of other mother’s children who have died there. There have been too many losses already, and that number does not begin to take into account the injured and maimed in body and spirit, nor the people of Iraq and Afghanistan who have also lost lives and loved ones.  I am heartsick about the situations in the world in which life is held so cheaply simply because the people being sacrificed are different or less "important" by some measure I cannot comprehend.

10 thoughts on “Belatedly, the Dream Meme”

  1. I know why you are a bit late with your Friday Five. We’ve been busy during this visit with Many Exciting Things and Activities!
    So much fun to have you with us.

  2. Oh, I LOVE the lighthouse dream. What if our dreams were always that clear? I guess sometimes we would find new ways to ignore them….

  3. Our hinterland seminary has a retreat center with a labyrinth. Five minutes from the airport. Yeah, there aren’t many of you all in this part of the country. So? Might do you some good to visit. 😉
    Happy New Year, Songbird!

  4. I know a church basement in this part of the hinterlands that’s carved out of dirt, no electricity, no nuthin’. In case you’re interested.

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