39 thoughts on “Just a Wee Note”

  1. I’m tempted to follow Phantom’s example from the last time you held such a contest and just comment away for the next several hours. Unfortunately, I think Ess (and my empty cupboards) would frown on that approach. If only I could comment from the grocery store…

  2. It’s always a pleasure to talk to you, my friend…indeed, I cite our friendship as one reason why blogging is indisputably a Good Thing.
    Anyway, now’s a good time to send you a final hug for 2006.

  3. It’s a dastardly plot to keep you commenting all day, jo(e). No numbers means you are helpless to resist the possibility of winning.
    (I disqualify myself, since I won the last prize. Unless the new prize is chicory coffee from Cafe du Monde, in which case I will have to spend all day here commenting.)

  4. Hi again! The cupboards are stocked somewhat better and we now have a humidifier for the baby’s room. And you know how much babies looooove treats from New Orleans… πŸ˜‰

  5. Still waiting for your answers to the latest Friday Five, which you created… no fair to ask such probing questions of our dream lives if you don’t answer ’em yourself!
    (And was this comment number 6000? Was it?)

  6. I came back to see if anyone commented and OH MY GOODNESS — how will she know who the commenter will be?
    I finally checked my number of comments and I am nowhere near where Songbird is. I have way less than 1000 — way less, but I guess that will give me plenty of time to try to find a neat fun thing to give away to the 1000th or even the 500th.. does the length of the comment get anything or count than more than one?

  7. patti is the winner! Send me your address, patti, and I will mail your prize when I get home.
    Thanks for playing, everyone!!!
    St. Casserole warns us to eschew any form of boxed beignets, so expect a non-edible prize.

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