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The Songbird Has Landed

After a trip of some considerable length via car, bus, plane, plane and car, I am safely chez Casserole.

The Internet here has been spotty, so I am blogging quickly from St. C’s computer before we go out to see what the world looks like on the Gulf Coast a year after my last visit. Chartresst

Yesterday we explored the French Quarter, including the beloved Quarterstitch on Chartres Street. Seafood Gumbo in a courtyard was lunch; beignets served for supper.

All the animals greeted me with love, as if I had been here last week and not 12 months ago.

It’s good to be back.

18 thoughts on “The Songbird Has Landed”

  1. Aw, Quarterstich…one of my fave yarn shops. I am intensely jealous of the fact that you two get to hang out together, and now I’ve got to be jealous of the fact that you went to Quarterstitch! I guess I’m gonna have to go eat some chocolate to assuage my loneliness ;-D

  2. That’s a picture from the Internet, y’all. I didn’t have a camera while we were in New Orleans. And, yes, spam is spam is spam. I’m deleting.

  3. Meanwhile back in Maine…
    Lunch: Turkey and cheese sandwiches.
    Dinner: Turkey and cheese sandwiches.
    Breakfast: Turkey and cheese cereal…well, alright that’s a fib, but I may actually be ready to eat turkey again this time next year.

  4. I’m glad you eliminated the spammer. I think there is a special circle of H-E-Double Hockey Sticks for Christian spammers.

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