Faithful readers of this blog may recall that when I last visited St. Casserole, my fuschia floral LL Bean duffel with wheels went astray for a full 24 hours. How anyone can mislay a bag of such enormous size and vivid color was and remains a mystery to me, but having learned from my mistake, I packed an outfit and night clothes and a few extra possibly necessary items in my backpack, ready to carry it on the plane today.

You would think a person who flew to London on August 11 would have wondered whether there might still be restrictions on liquids.

You would think.

But you would be wrong. You see, I’ve been somewhat taken up with Christmas, and I simply packed everything I wanted and didn’t think for one moment about security restrictions until I got in line this morning, somewhat sleepy after a middle of the night bus ride from City By the Sea to Beantown Airport. (Waving to Phantom! Hi! I tried to send you a card, but Sam ate it! I’ll send a picture when I get home next week!! Unless you would like the card with nibble marks.)

Just so you post-holiday travelers will know, here’s the 3-1-1 on liquids:

Transportation Security Administration reminds air travelers to be
prepared and pack smart this holiday season. If you plan to travel with
liquids, gels or aerosols in your carry-on bag remember 3-1-1. 

  • All liquids, gels and aerosols must be in a three ounce or smaller containers.
  • Containers must be placed in a one quart-size,  clear, plastic, zip-top bag and must be removed from your carry-on and placed  in the security bin.
  • Onlyone zip-top bag is permitted per traveler.
  • Remember 3-1-1 to speed your screening  process. Larger liquids can be placed in checked baggage

I had to check the backpack. So here I am with my laptop, an unbelievably tiny purse (because I was planning to put it inside the backpack) and a copy of Pride and Prejudice with the shameful movie tie-in cover. Elizabeth is just starting to realize Darcy isn’t such a bad guy after all. All I can say is that Jane Austen was a genius, because I have read this book about 100 times (or a dozen, anyway), and I still find the chapter where she reads his letter incredibly exciting, even though the only action is interior. This is one of the problems with last year’s film version, which takes place too much in the outdoors. Yes, the Bennet girls are prodigious walkers, but the real action of this book unfolds on a different sort of landscape.

I love Jane Austen.

I haven’t really slept.

I’ve been at the airport for 90 minutes or more, and it is still dark outside.

Here endeth Book One of the live blogging of my trip to visit St. Casserole. More later, no doubt, whether you want it or not.

16 thoughts on “3-1-1”

  1. Some of us have to travel and live vicariously through others.
    I am so excited that you two will get to visit again. I ought to hop over a state or two and crash the party! 🙂
    But, then, that wouldn’t be experiencing life vicariously would it?

  2. I am so glad to hear you mention the problems with the Knightley P and P: I saw the cover on your list and I thought, “Oh no! What if she LIKES it?” As a multiple time reader of the novel and an owner of the loooooong film version, I was completely disappointed in the newer version. So shallow, so unsubtle, so UN JANE!
    Hope your travels go well!

  3. Well, the chances of losing BOTH bags are not good, so hopefully you’ll get one or the other—or both! Enjoy your journey!

  4. Pssst…I’m stealth commenting from a secret comuter hidden deep in the bowels of the hotel…
    At my Friendly Smaller Midwestern Airport, the TSA guy said, “Eh…take the ziplock bag out of your backpack if you want…whatever…I don’t care…Merry Christmas!”
    I felt bad for him having to work on that day when I was playing.
    Have a great trip!

  5. What I don’t understand is why there isn’t a baggie concession stand right there at curbside. Cash-strapped municipal airports and bankrupt airlines, are you listening?

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