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  1. Do not believe for one second you are not smart enough. It just takes a shift in gears. My first lace knitting project (which now resides in Ireland), was a “simple” one, but a bugaboo to me. Once I got the hang of it, it was wonderful. A challenge, but oh so worth it!
    So, no, I won’t remind you, Venture on!

  2. I’ve made a sock with a yarn over type pattern, but any time I get into anything where the pattern is remotely complicated, I just don’t have the focus to keep track of it. So if the pattern is a four-row repeat, no problem. But if it’s ten, I am screwed by the second time through.
    That’s the pattern I was working on. By row 9 of the second repeat, I was one stitch short and couldn’t figure out how to tink back to determine where I had made the mistake.
    The really sad thing is I wasn’t even using particularly fine (laceweight) yarn. With that it’s even more miserable. I began a triangular scarf and got through the first pattern repeat and felt so exhausted by it, I couldn’t imagine keeping up the tension for the zillions of hours it would have taken to keep going. And frankly I wasn’t sure I knew how to read the chart when I got to the main part of the shawl/scarf.
    I guess the bottom line is I never get to knit uninterrupted. I am always, always, always in the midst of other sorts of chaos, and my knitting projects need to be simpler to reflect my circumstances. When the instructions say things like “knit 3 together” or “k2/so/p2sso” I ought to walk away quickly.

  3. You never get to knit uninterrupted, so it isn’t about smarts at all. I can relate…on a beginner level.
    I have trouble doing even simple stitches and patterns…and often find myself angrily ripping out the entire project.
    When hubby sees me with knitting needles, he comments, “doesn’t that just agitate you?”
    And I answer, “Oh no, I love to knit, in fact I find it relaxing…it’s everything around me that agitates me.”

  4. agreeing with Scrivener – “pshaw”. I’ve been building up to lace knitting by doing a four row pattern scarf as part of my daily prayer practice. I do four rows and only four rows each day. It’s so short, I can get it done, and I’m not hurrying up to finish for someone else. Anyway, you can so do it. It may not be the time to, but you definitely can!

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