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Perhaps things are looking up?

My car had to go to the tire place this morning. I noticed a nail in the rear passenger side tire.

I was sad to learn that the tire was ruined. (It’s possible I was driving around with the nail for a while.)

But I was glad to hear that one of the reasons my new tires four months ago seemed so expensive is that the bill include Road Hazard Insurance of $40.

Today’s bill? $15 for tire disposal.

(Not my car in the picture, but the color is about right.)

8 thoughts on “Perhaps things are looking up?”

  1. Cool. I like it when expenses turn into advantages. But I’m still sorry about the tire getting a nail in the first place. Not really what you needed this week.

  2. Nicky,
    Thanks for stopping by. Those humnas love their electronic things so much!
    I have also had my difficulties with the P.O. in town. I apparently speak a unknown toungue whenever i go in there.
    Ugh. Last tiem I got some snowfale stamps out of machine.

  3. Seems like Songbird and Cheesehead have had a run of bad luck on the tires!
    Not that I am superstitious, but I probably shouldn’t have typed that…

  4. So glad there is one semi good news car story today…LCM also had a nail in his tyre at the end of last week…does that complete the trio, Cathy?
    or you could count my speeding ticket…(though I wish you wouldn’t 🙁 )

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