What Google Can Do For You

I have a post brewing about things at church, but tonight I am tired and found myself Google-ing old friends and distant family members.

Thus I discovered that the third cousin who I remember most for looking like Al Franken and being great fun at a party is now Senior Warden of his church and a lawyer who volunteers his time to defend people on Death Row. How cool is that?

I guess now that we are in our forties (or fifties, in his case), we are real grown-ups.

More tomorrow,

Your very tired Songbird

8 thoughts on “What Google Can Do For You”

  1. Yeah, Google is so cool. I find out the most interesting thing about folks from the past.
    I B grown up, but still like to color and make silly hats. 🙂

  2. What they said…
    Google is how I found my cousin (may Dad’s cousin actually) who is a retired ballet dancer with the National Ballet of Canada.
    It turns out I’m NOT the “only one” in my family…;-)

  3. It is definitely cool about your cousin, but my mind is on the brewing piece. Not good to have certain things brewing this time of year. Hope it’s a good thing.

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