Letter of the Alphabet Meme

It’s ten things I love, beginning with the letter O (which by the way is not an easy one, but since Mindy gave it to me, let’s give it a try)…

1. Orange Sherbet–this staple of childhood sore throats was one of the first things I asked for after my strep throat diagnosis–so cool, so soothing!

2. Old Navy–I can find lots of cute clothes there for everyone in my family, and the prices are reasonable.

3. Oreo ice cream–Whatever the brand, I love vanilla ice cream with chocolate cookie pieces.

4. Old sterling flatware–I inherited my grandmother’s, and I love it very much. In May I went to the Beverly Bremer shop in Atlanta with St. Casserole, and now I get mail from them letting me know how many pieces they have in stock of every imaginable variety of Gorham Fairfax. On Christmas I’ll use my two new salad forks!

5. Odd Ducks–over the years I’ve had many friends who meet this qualification.

6. Old Spice–My dad used the aftershave, and it is to this day the only fragrance I like on a guy.
(I’d give some to Pure Luck, but that might be a little weird. He’s way too manly for fragrance anyway.)

7. Origami–When I was a little girl, a series of au pair girls from Japan lived with us, and one of them excelled at origami. I loved watching her and learned to make a few simple things myself.

8. (This "O" is a tough letter.)

9. Oliver!–I adored the movie when I was little, and later I got to see #1 Son play one of the little boys when he was seven years old, in one of his first stage appearances. It was fun to chaperone all the boys and get to see the actors and actresses backstage.

10. "O Holy Night"–But only when it’s sung well. Which is about as often as "The Star Spangled Banner."

If you would like to try this meme, leave me a comment and I will assign you a letter.

24 thoughts on “Letter of the Alphabet Meme”

  1. Ok, I saw Mindy’s and now yours. I had to check out your Gorham Fairfax since i DIDN’T know what it looked like. If you had my sterling pattern, you could have used it with your “O” letter.
    Old Spice – my Daddy used old spice and Bay Rum – sometimes aqua velva – I like aqua velva the best.
    Please give me a letter.

  2. OH yeah… O Holy Night I have RARELY heard sung nicely. IN fact it is on XM radio as I type this. I really don’t care for the tune anyway. A little schmaltzy.
    And.. the Star Spangled Banner – why do people who sing it at public events seem so compelled to put their “spin” on it instead of just singing it “their way”

  3. Here goes.
    1) OK. It’s the perfect response to almost anything. Plus, when you say OK, you get to do fun things.
    2) Oprah. I got TiVO just so I could watch. I’m supposed to be an egghead, but really, I love Oprah –and People magazine. Please don’t tell.
    3) O Come, O Come Immanuel. Preferably sung by a treble choir. Hearing their little piping voices sing Rejoice, Rejoice! makes Christmas come alive. The only Advent hymn I really love.
    4) Ovaries. They gave me some great children, and I really miss them now, especially during hot flashes.
    5) Orange Juice. Fresh squeezed on a hot day. Yum!
    6) Orange flavored children’s aspirin. Strange, yet delicious. Not to mention handy for preventing heart attacks.
    7) Oracles. I am a sucker for palm readers, Quija boards, angel cards, horoscopes, and the I Ching.
    8) Olives. Yum. I ate cream cheese and olive sandwiches in kindergarten, which amused our teacher, Mrs. Smith. Even at age five, I knew the value of a good hors d’ouerve.
    9) O2. Excellent stuff. Keeps us all alive.
    10) Old friends like Songbird.
    P.S. Best thing about being a grown-up: discovering we’re all odd ducks under the skin.

  4. Mindy gave me a G, go see at my place if you want to.
    Brandon amazed me the other day by asking me to buy him some Old Spice body wash. “OLD SPICE!?” Yep, that’s what he wanted. Well, it was actually Old Spice RED body wash, which is much cooler than what my dad (Still) uses at age 81.

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