Crazy Busy

Christmas Cards

I’m trying to rise from my sick couch to do Christmas cards this evening.

I cannot find my address book.

But I know where I put all of last year’s received cards, so I went looking for them to snag the addresses.

With them I found 19 Madonna and Child stamps and 18 Snowman/Gingerbread man stamps.

From last year.

In the 37 cent denomination.

Do you suppose they have a 2 cent holiday stamp this year?

3 thoughts on “Christmas Cards”

  1. You are way ahead of me, and I bow to your fortitude. Do you actually have the mental stamina at this point to compose a Christmas letter?!

  2. I pretty much wrote it already, zorra. It’s a half-sheet. They could be printed anytime after we put a new color cartridge in the printer, but I need the paper cutter at the office to cut them in half. That sounds exhausting at the moment.

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