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My Morning Thoughts, by S. Bird

Gentle Readers,

I am writing this from the couch, where I am hoping to stay for as much of the day as possible.

The glands, they are swollen, hard and painful, whether or not they are being touched.

My ear and throat hurt now, too.

I have a gross and sometimes weepy rash on my scalp, which is apparently the site of the infection that set off the lymphadenitis. I had it right before the strep throat, too, but on that occasion the person examining me showed no interest. Last night’s doctor put on purple gloves, checked it out, then sent me home with a prescription. Let this be a lesson to me to insist on more attention to the thing I believe needs attention.

I hope you are impressed that I have mixed elementary school vocabulary ("gross") with actual medical terms.

While I am grateful for antibiotics, I hate the g-i side effects. I’m just sayin’…

Bacitracin is not useful as a hair care product, but let’s hope it helps with the superficial itching.

Pop-Tarts are mouth-seeking missiles. They pop right out of the box and into the toaster, then fly straight toward a person’s mouth. It just can’t be helped.

Why are we only allowed to use warm compresses four times a day, for twenty minutes each time?

Orange Gatorade over crushed ice tastes pretty good.

The Old Man Cat is a very good companion on a sick day. He is perched on the back of the couch giving me cat scans, and he didn’t run away when the dogs came in from their walk. What a brave boy he is!

I wish I felt clever enough to do a Dr. Seuss-type poem about my ailment, because it’s Wednesday, and I would love to win a prize. But I am currently uninspired.

Pure Luck thought up the mouth-seeking missile thing, so let’s give him props.

It’s only 11 days until Christmas Eve, and I have a lot to do, and I really need to be well to do it all.

I appreciate all your healing thoughts and kind words.

At least I get to sit in the room with the Christmas Tree.

Would it be wrong of me to finish watching The Bishop’s Wife without The Princess?

Just a few things on my mind today,

22 thoughts on “My Morning Thoughts, by S. Bird”

  1. Right now I’m bribing myself to push fluids by promising myself a Werther’s Original Candy after a big glass of Gatorade and crushed ice. It’s working pretty well. I’m almost there. Could I be more childish?

  2. Wishing you a good and timely recovery.
    I think we run so ragged in these seasons of Advent and Lent, our immune systems go kabooey and wham! We’re hit.
    Get rest. Wrap yourself in something cozy and put in a good flick. Get well prayers are with and for you.

  3. Let’s make this a collaborative work. Okay, soemone else take it from here and find out what rhymes with pop-tart!
    Songbird was not singing,
    But her ears were a ringing.
    Upon the couch she lay
    With her brain feeling like hay.
    The cat was attending her hour by hour,
    undaunted by dogs that might cause her to cower.
    She drank Gatorade with ice she could crush
    And tended her scalp that oozed a gross puss.
    Her doc wore gloves of an Advent hue
    And examined her head a time or two.
    She was sent away with a Rx to court
    But alas, it caused trouble of a GI sort

  4. Oh sweetie…that’s all miserable. I definitely think you should watch the film – you can always doze gently on the couch while the Princess watches it again.
    Take care, and here’s to meds kicking in and your feeling better tomorrow. xx

  5. “Pop-Tarts are mouth-seeking missiles. They pop right out of the box and into the toaster, then fly straight toward a person’s mouth. It just can’t be helped.”
    Especially the chocolate ones. I particularly like the chocolate pastry w/ white cream filling.
    “Orange Gatorade over crushed ice tastes pretty good.”
    Orange Gatorade is the only flavor served in the Obscura household. We keep a tub of the instant in the pantry because it seems to settle better than juice on tummies that try to run the wrong direction. But after a day or two of drinking nothing else, even it gets to be obnoxious.

  6. Poor Songbird! Enjoy gazing at the tree, and yes, watch the rest of the movie–you might doze off, and later you can watch it again with the Princess. Feel better soon–

  7. I took a nap, then remembered that it’s early release day, so I did wait and enjoy the end of the movie with The Princess. I continue to be glad I didn’t take a “wait and see” approach, since I feel much worse today than yesterday and would be that much further behind with regard to Better Living Through Chemistry!
    Now there is just the small matter of dinner. If I can Snowman to help, we might have carrot-and-onion soup, if I can also roughly remember the recipe from long ago.

  8. Someone stole my thunder on the purple gloves for Advent. Wonder if it changes to white for Christmas…
    Hope you feel better..again I hear of so many getting sick more than one time this season.

  9. Blessings for healing, blessings for rest,
    blessings for peace of mind.
    As for the Christmas Eve plans that must wait…I’ll pass on what was said to me as I was in a purple-faced panic the week before my first Christmas Eve sermon…
    Emmanuel shall come to thee…whether thou art prepared or not…and the first words announcing his arrival will be…”Do not be afraid.”
    Peace, and hugs, and healing unguents.
    (I love that word.)
    And though 1-4 beat me to the punch…
    The cat of tooth long and the Bird now sans song
    Dozed gloomily entwined ‘sur la couche.’
    The Bird’s lost her twitter, so the puss will sit wit’ her.
    And nurse back the lilt from her ‘bouche.’
    But for now, till she’s heal-ed, her eyes she’ll keep peel-ed
    For Tarts of the Pop-like variety
    From toaster to tongue, they fly as if flung
    Bringing comfort, though not Foodie piety.

  10. Oh, hope you feel better soon. I remember hearing Paula Poundston (I think) say that if they don’t want you to eat all the pop-tarts, why did they put them all in a single serving box?

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