Live and Learn

I woke this morning with a slight sore throat, and by lunchtime I was aware of swollen glands verging on the painful.

I have learned my lesson. I did not wait for tomorrow or for the next day. I went to the doctor.

I came home with Zithromax. I hear it is the great wonder drug. I certainly hope so. The glands are now quite "hurty," as my kids used to say, and the antibiotics seem to be making me queasy.

I foresee another day of canceled appointments. Oy. Don’t the bacteria of the world know it’s Advent and almost Christmas and a girl needs to get things done?

(That girl is demonstrating self-Reiki. I may just try it.)

13 thoughts on “Live and Learn”

  1. Oh, no! Feel better soon! And if you need something to do while you’re convalescing (ha!), I have a dozen or three Christmas cards you could ghost-write for me…

  2. Commiserating along with you- I’ve got a sore throat ans swollen glands- the Dr says rest… is he going into school??? Will he organsie the Carol services etc…. but I guess I’ll have to take his advice!!!
    Peace and blessings to you Songbird, and prayers for a speedy recovery!

  3. Poor love…Take it gently, and feel better soon. At least your dr has obliged with a prescription – mine only writes one just before the death certificate!
    Hugs xx

  4. Sure do hope you feel better — seems like this is not your first bout of being sick recently. So many folks I know have had repeat performances of being sick.
    Get well soon.

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