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Random Bullets of Saturday Morning

  • The Princess went to her dad’s after the dance, and I heard nothing until I called and checked in this morning. The Father of My Children declared it "uneventful," but I think this just means she did not spend the whole evening crying. I’ll get a full report when I see her later.
  • I saw the massage therapist yesterday, and she thinks I probably bruised a bone in my fall last weekend. It looks better on the surface but is still very sore and weird. The InterWeb tells me that the treatment for bone bruising includes anti-inflammatories, rest and ice. I’m here to tell you that when the temperature is 31 degrees Farenheit, ice is not as attractive as ibuprofen.
  • This afternoon we’re going to hear The Princess sing in a concert with Outstanding Girls Choir. I am looking forward to it, but her non-musical stepfather complains that it’s a long afternoon of watching groups of females in unattractive costumes. I will admit that five choirs (from girls in 2nd grade up to a women’s chorus) makes for a long day, and that the dresses the girls wear are not exactly flattering.
  • Tomorrow I’m going to a friend’s surprise 50th birthday party. Do you think a hand-knit alpaca scarf would make a nice gift?
  • I have still done very little Christmas shopping. I’m planning to finish it all in a burst of enthusiasm next Friday. What are the chances I’ll feel enthusiastic then?

14 thoughts on “Random Bullets of Saturday Morning”

  1. Go with the scarf…much better than my hubby’s gift of a plastic dinosaur and extra memory to a friend on her 50th. At least the memory was useful for her digital camera. Fortunately for him, she has a good sense of humor or she forgave him quickly 😉

  2. A hand-knit scarf is a perfect gift: your friend can always use another scarf, they don’t take up much room in the closet, and most importantly, that you made it by hand will be such a lovely remembrance of the friendship every time she sees it. You can’t go wrong.
    Hope the concerts go well. Better concerts than long dance recitals, I’d say (dance being the performance of choice for some of our friends’ kids, and those recitals do go on and on)

  3. As others have said, go with the scarf. As to the poorly-dressed choristers, I know the problem of which you speak, because I spent a couple of years singing in a shapeless slate-blue robe with a gigantic burgundy bow tied around my neck.
    I felt like a Christmas puppy.

  4. Those choir costumes are horrendous! Christmasbaby spent several years singing in a wonderful choir with horrible dresses (made from draperies according to the founding conductor) and when they finally got new, and expensive, dresses that we had to chip in for, in spite of lots of pre-measuring her dress didn’t fit! Thank goodness for a sister-in-law who’s an expert seamstress, since I certainly wasn’t!

  5. I would be delighted to get an alpaca scarf for my 51st birthday 🙂
    I don’t know why choral dresses are the way they are. I don’t know why they don’t go with styles like on concertblack dot com

  6. My son told us all about Friday’s dance. Yeah. When asked if it was fun, he grunted “yeah.” When asked by the other parent how it was, he grunted “fine.” When probed for specifics, he backs up into his shell and scurries away.

  7. Chartreuseova’s answer made me laugh! That is actually the kind of gft I would get a kick out of, but then again I’m not 50 yet.
    Better go with the scarf, though.

  8. Not enthusiastic about shopping on Friday. I say, “gird your loins” and wrap your brain around being the most pleasant, friendly customer those clerks and shoppers have met all season. It’s amazing how much better I feel in crowded, frenzied (sp?) venues when I start out this way. And I get great service. Peace & joy come to you this season!

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