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What Lies Ahead

timna has a great post that gives me a terrifying glimpse into the future.

Tonight at dinner, The Princess told us the latest 6th grade news. The major focus: tomorrow night’s dance.

The Princess: Best All Around and I both wish we had a guy to go
with to the dance. It’s like she’s my date since we’re going together!

Songbird: It’s a good thing you don’t have a guy to go with to the dance.

The Princess: Why?!?!!

Songbird: Because you wouldn’t be allowed to go! Sixth grade is too soon.

Snowman: And what do you mean, anyway? Go with? It’s not like they could drive you.

The Princess: (shakes her head at our combined ignorance of the realities of life)

In other news, last weekend she went to a sleepover at Pepper’s house, which included a new friend, Chatty. They all know that Pepper is fond of a particular boy who we’ll call Emo. (Can you be in 6th grade and really be Emo? I’m not sure, but The Princess made some reference to him as being of that ilk, so we’re going with it.) Apparently Emo paid some attention to The Princess yesterday, writing something cute on her binder. Chatty then told Emo that The Princess liked him, which is not true, since we all know she is still nursing her wounded feelings over Guitar Boy.

I hoped to communicate some wisdom about how to handle these inevitable gossip scenarios. I asked Snowman to share his thoughts, because I thought it was possible his opinion might carry more weight than my elderly ones.

Snowman: You just have to ignore it.

Songbird: (to herself) Good advice.

The Princess: But I had to tell Pepper it wasn’t true!

Songbird: Doesn’t she know it’s not true?

The Princess: I don’t know! But I told her, and she’s mad at me anyway.

Songbird: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.

The Princess: So then I had to tell Emo I don’t like him.

Snowman: Now *that’s* really something you should have kept to yourself.

The Princess: But Pepper was mad at me!!

And she still is.

Is it possible I don’t know how to advise her because I skipped the 6th grade?

11 thoughts on “What Lies Ahead”

  1. Pssst: you want drama? I haven’t really blogged this yet, but Wondergirl has an official BoyFriend. Of the endless phone calls and occasional dates variety. He came over to the house last Suday, so I could get a good look at him.
    That is some drama, mama.

  2. cheesehead! A boyfriend? Wow! When I got one of those, my mother took a sudden interest in watching The Love Boat and Fantasy Island every Saturday night. In the family room. With my boyfriend and me.
    And it is the frustration inherent in that memory that would lead me, no doubt, to do the same thing.

  3. almond joy wants to invite the new boy over for a James Bond marathon on Sunday. yikes.
    I’m wondering how much we get to do what our parents didn’t, or is there some sort of DNA programming?

  4. timna, I think there must be. I was sitting at a choral rehearsal with a mom the other day talking about her 7th grader. She said, “She has one more year of middle school, and then she’s going into the convent.” And then she laughed at herself, but only a little.

  5. My 8th grade boy has a dance Friday night, too, if he can get over the sniffles. He is not “going with” a girl and probably will not speak to any of the girls for more than two sentences.
    But he is obsessing over what to wear.

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