The Dog Ate My Homework

I’m a week behind.
Everything I had planned to do last Monday is still waiting to be done:

  1. Contact nursing homes about caroling times for the 17th
  2. Write all bulletins for Advent and Christmas
  3. Write worship drama for the 17th

Now this really can’t be helped. I was very sick last week, and I know that. Today I decided, since the morning was crowded with other matters, to pick up my favorite encouraging lunch at my favorite bagel store, then work at home this afternoon.

The Lunch of Inspiration is chicken salad on a toasted sesame bagel, potato salad and a Pepsi. This meal saw me through seminary, and I have employed it whenever there was important writing to do for Small Church.

I got home at 1 and made the mistake of doing a little work on the bulletins before eating. Then the phone rang. Finally, when it was almost 2, I began putting my lunch on the plate. Then Pure Luck came in and I went into his office for two minutes to talk to him.

And then I heard the terrible sound of a naughty Molly pulling a bagel sandwich off the plate and into her doggie mouth.


(I was not happy.)

I ended up eating leftover nachos from last night. Have you ever eaten corn chips you’ve microwaved? Lame is the only word to describe them. The.only.word.

When they ask me why I didn’t finish all my goals for today, I will have to tell them, "The dog ate my homework."

16 thoughts on “The Dog Ate My Homework”

  1. Zorra did that once–snatched the Scientist’s bagel right off the table when we left the room. Instead of taking it from her, he just opened the back door and sent her out with it–thereby teaching her, not that she had done something wrong, but that when she stole food she got to eat it al fresco….

  2. Oh dear. I hope tomorrow goes better. I think that Turandot is jealous that Molly is big enough to scarf an entire lunch; it’s hard to snitch anything substantial quickly when you have an itty-bitty-kitty mouth.

  3. You know, one time in grade school, I actually used this excuse and didn’t understand the look the teacher gave me. I was being serious (lying through my teeth, but serious about it.) Sorry about your bagel. Sigh.

  4. I LIVE a week behind.
    Molly, note to you: eat the not special-comfort-writing-inspiring human food, ok?
    Hope today is better.
    Even my comments are late…

  5. Ooooh, that would burn me up but good.
    May I join you in whining? The divine miss M has a 101.5 temp even with Motrin, so it’s back to the doc for her. R said, “She’s got what C had,” and I said, “No, *C* had what *M* had!” Lordy. I know where this all began (two frickin months ago) but damned if I know when it’s going to end.
    And soggy chips? When you were looking forward to a nice crisp bagel with yummy toppings? Oh the humanity!

  6. LOL
    If I had a nickel for everytime my guys did that…I’d be the richest woman I know. Best was when a friend dropped off some cookies while we were out…and put ’em on the counter. Very naive.
    Molly seems to be in Simba and Max’s league.

  7. Aaaah, you get a sympathy nod from me. Our new lil one, Sabrina, just ate an entire wedding cake top two days ago. Boy was I mad when she got sick all over the house! If you’re gonna steal it, at least keep it down!

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