Last night upon the basement stairs
a nail that caught me unawares
took hold of my poor little sock
and caused my balance then to rock

Of course I fell, a mighty thump,
and then down seven stairs did bump
and bump and bump and bump and bump
And bump twice more and land once, WHUMP.

My legs somehow tucked under me
I rode myself downstairs, you see.
I bruised my thigh and jammed a toe,
received small scrapes while on the go.

I’m glad to say I kept my head
It didn’t hit the wall, my dread
because the stairs end suddenly.
God bless my center of gravity.

I woke up stiff and tired and old
and knew this story must be told,
although it pains me, for you see
the sock was hand-knit, and by me.

26 thoughts on “Tumbledown”

  1. Oh no….. oh no… I am so sorry, sorry for the fall and sorry for the sock that got snagged by the nail. I would say Darn, but that would be a bad pun.
    We don’t have basements in these here parts.

  2. Cathy took my pun, darn it!
    I hope the aches go away really quickly Songbird. That sounds like a rough fall…

  3. Mercy!! This has been a rough couple of weeks! Dr. Z says, go take another hot bath, and order pizza tonight.

  4. OW. I came over to bring a {hug} since the Tylenol won’t fit through my DSL line…
    Feel better

  5. Hi Songbird:
    So sorry about the trip down the stairs, but a very creative poem about it.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and the comment, I’ve added a few posts since you were there. 🙂
    You asked:
    Are you in a clergy group, for either study or support?
    The answer is no, but I’d like to be. A couple of my classmates meet monthly with newly ordained folks in their dioceses, something set up by the diocese. Here though there is nothing formal set up and there aren’t really any newbies nearby except for me. Maybe I can find a few to group with anyway, or maybe branch out ecumenically to get a group together.
    Thanks for the suggestion!
    Peace, bythesea

  6. OH, NO! But you are so, so clever with your poem!
    My knees aren’t arthritic like Cheesehead’s (yet), but I’ve just come from a fancy dinner dance at the University and my knees ARE very mad at me for wearing those heels.
    I’m telling them, at least I didn’t try to ride you down the stairs!
    They aren’t amused!
    Poor socks!

  7. A. Glad you are okay. B. The sock? The sock!? Is it okay? Oh the tragedy of a damaged hand knit sock! (And I attempted a beginning of an answer to the question you asked on my blog.)

  8. Ouch! I am glad you aren’t too much worse for the wear. But the poor hand-knit sock!

  9. Oh sweetheart…I can’t leave you alone for a moment without something happening, clearly! Do hope you’re not too horribly stiff and sore, and were able to function through Advent Sunday services. I’m just about to head off to Christingle now. The annual opportunity to burn the church down, – and every year we waste it! Maybe this time…
    Gentle sympathetic hugs xx

  10. I’m sorry. If I fell down the stairs, my thoughts on the matter would not rhyme. And would probably not be bloggable!

  11. I’m definitely with ppb there. Not rhyming, and definitely not bloggable.
    Glad your injuries were only minor, and that you’re such the poet!

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