True or False

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Here are a series of statements about me. Guess which are true and which are false.

  1. I am blogging from my bed this morning.
  2. The Domestic Goddess is cleaning the house.
  3. I feel somewhat guilty about #1 and #2 in combination.
  4. I can hardly speak above a whisper, and I have not been trying to whisper.
  5. Our beautiful new through-the-door icemaker stopped working yesterday, just when I am most in need of crushed ice.
  6. My darling husband fixed it.
  7. #1 Son left for college while I was at the UrgentCare yesterday, so we didn’t get to say goodbye in person.
  8. Saturday, I fell asleep twice while watching two separate showings of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on HBO.  I never saw the beginning, but eventually I saw most of the middle and the end.
  9. We own all four Harry Potter movies, so there is absolutely no reason to be watching them on HBO.
  10. I also saw most of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,  the back half of In the Good Old Summertime, and nearly all of Top Hat.
  11. Yesterday I took four naps. Some of them might have been during the aforementioned movies.
  12. I still feel awful, but it’s getting easier to swallow. Erythromycin rocks!
  13. Except when it’s making a person feel sick to her stomach.

23 thoughts on “True or False”

  1. This game is lots of fun, but sadly, I think these statements are all true, especially 12 and 13. I don’t take it any more for that reason.
    Hope today shows some improvement…

  2. I was indeed sitting up to write the post, but I am typing this while lying down. Two of the above are false.
    I managed to nap for half an hour before coughing woke me. Bleh.

  3. Oh sweetie, I hope Number 3 is False. You have nothing to feel guilty about. Being in bed while you are sick is good sense; blogging when you are in bed is good medicine; and having someone else clean the house is bliss!
    I don’t believe Number 4 either. If I know you as I think I do, you are trying to talk – no matter how scratchy your throat is!
    Stay curled up under a blanket in front of the TV; prop your computer on a pillow on your lap; and enjoy the sweet smell of someone else wielding the Windex.
    Hugs to you.

  4. I vote true on them all.
    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling too well. Keep napping, drink some hot tea, and indulge in pet therapy – ie: pet you dogs alot!!!

  5. I used to take erythro for acne back in college (days of the dinos, eh?) and being a typical college student, preferred sleep to breakfast most of the time. Spent a lot of mornings climbing the hill to the Comp Sci building while very queasy…
    I was about to say something about how I didn’t think they prescribed it much any more and then I remembered you went to the Doc-in-the-Box, and on Sunday, to boot. We have one pede in our practice that prescribes it for my asthmatic, pneumonia-prone daughter because he won’t bother to look at her chart to see that it’s basically worthless for her. So we avoid him like the plague.
    He also diagnoses everything as strep throat, even the time I took her in complaining of a two-week-long stomach ache and loose stools with no ENT complaints. We’d had shigalosis run through the house a few years back, and GI complaints that don’t go away make me nervous. When the 10-minute culture came back negative, he sent me home with a paper on how to manage vomiting and diarrhea in children. Like I hadn’t had to figure that out 15 years ago… For this I spent an hour on the freeway during afternoon drive-time.

  6. You said 2 are false … I think #6 fixing the ice breaker 🙁 (cos if it’s new I expect you’ll take it back) and hoping the last one is false too 🙂
    whatever 🙂 – get well soon

  7. Camera, I’m allergic to penicillin. They wanted to prescribe something that sounds like Kevlar (Keflex?) but it’s a close enough cousin to the ‘cillins that it didn’t seem worth the risk. I already have a rash, and that was the likeliest allergic side effect.
    The last time I took antibiotics was Thanksgiving, 1999 (also for strep), and I have no idea what I took then. The most recent time before that was Christmas, 1991, for bronchitis. I do sense a holiday theme here…

  8. there is a domestic goddess? 4 actual naps?
    i hope you are feeling better soon. crackers are good for the queasies.

  9. Hope you’re feeling better!
    Here in Outer Podunk the current disease du jour is “cruise ship virus,” whatever that is. But it’s stricken many, many people here, and sent both our local nursing homes into quarantine.
    Where did I put that bottle of Purel, again?…

  10. Poor Songbird! I hope you feel better soon, too. I had strep over Pesach, and it was no fun at all.
    BTW, one of my friends calls Keflex the Little Red Pills of Death, because of their unfortunate effects on the abdominal region. Great sympathy for the tummy ills; here’s some long-distance chicken soup.

  11. Keflex is good – but is related to the cillins as you said. If you are allergic to amoxycillin (as opposed to ‘just’ peniciillin) then yeah it’s as well to avoid it in case.
    Hope the stomach feels better soon. asidophilis is good to counteract any antibiotic gut reactions. Ask if it persists. Here in Finland you can buy it overthecounter -and I wonder why doctors rarely think to say (or prescribe it at the same time)

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