Nothing But the Truth

They were all true, with the exception of #3 and #6.

I felt no guilt, rather deep gratitude that we have help and the rest of the house was being cleaned and tidied. I thought back on miserable times when the children were small and I was ill and could not take care of things. Looking up from the sofa or the bed at the mess elsewhere was disheartening! Blessings on the Domestic Goddess, who made things right here today.

As to the icemaker, I solved the trouble myself. My husband is scientific, and he is strong, but he is not the man for figuring out appliance troubles. I figured out how to see into the place where the ice lands and discovered it had seized up into a mighty ice cube, giving the sensor the idea that no new ice was needed. Once I removed the big clump of ice, it began doing its thing again, and the crushed ice has been available in profusion today.

Pure Luck made up for his appliance repair deficit by going to the store to get Stouffer’s macaroni and cheese, orange sherbet and Popsicles. (Didn’t you know that orange food is the answer to strep?) Tonight we watched two episodes of Battlestar Galactica, seated at the far ends of the couch.

I spent most of the day in bed, and I do feel less awful tonight. Rest is helpful. Could we possibly convince the world of this? Too many sick people go to to work because they are either sure the world can’t do without them, or they are afraid the boss will think they’re weak. We need an attitude adjustment about sick time.

I still have next-to-no voice, and it does often come out sounding like a whisper that I don’t intend. Staying in my room reduced the temptation to talk, because as Childhood Friend so rightly points out, not talking is very difficult for this particular bird. I also have a cough that just won’t quit. Robitussin helped me sleep last night, but I didn’t take it during the day, limiting naps to however long it took the cough to start up again.

It’s sadly true that #1 Son and I had to say farewell via cellphone after I left the Urgent Care. But he’ll be home again Dec. 18th or 19th.

All that stuff about naps and movies is completely true.

Finally, #13 was, and is, sadly, sadly true.

8 thoughts on “Nothing But the Truth”

  1. (((Songbird))) get better soon – but rest long. Matt 11:28-30 – find rest for your soul too!!!
    “Too many sick people go to to work because they are either sure the world can’t do without them,” I can relate to this -and boy does it make me mad oops 🙂

  2. My first ESL job, 2 days’ straight, and a wonderful experience, but I had what I thought was a bad cold. It was strep throat–I barely made it home at the end of the second day.
    The memory of that time fuels my sympathy, Songie. Strep knocks the wind out of you, and needs rest, rest and more rest. Take very, very good care.

  3. I know your family will provide gentle care as you recover. Take your time. Relapses are no fun either.

  4. You probably know this, but be sure to give your larynx a rest too. If you have no voice, even whispering slows recovery. Drink lots of fluids too. Soon you’ll be a singing Songbird again.

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